Monday, November 22, 2010

Snow Day! Karber Digital Images

I was notified yesterday that I won two  digital images from Karber Digital Images at Feline Playful!  These images are so stinkin' cute!  Here is "Christmas Millie" and I decided she had to be enjoying a snow day (You know I had to love the image to be inspired to make a "snow" card before Thanksgiving *snicker*).  I also picked "Coffee Leslie" -- because I am in love with her big glasses-- and I bought the Karber babies because they are just so AdOrAbLe!  I am counting down the hours until 3:30 pm EST tomorrow because then I am off work and on holiday which means I can be in my craft room and play with my new images! :) Yippee ;)

 I'm off to make some stuffing for my work party tomorrow - ugh, work & cooking --the two activities that should never cross each other's paths.  Either some dark, evil place has frozen over or's the holidays!  Ha.  See, I'm a big Bah Humbug. extreme.....cuteness....for strength:  Karber Digital Images.  ;)  <3 Lisa


  1. Stinkin' ADORABLE!!!

    Thanks so much for the birthday wishes, girl! xoxox

  2. Hi Lisa! Your card is super cute. I love all the details about it. Have a great week :)

  3. Cute card. Your colouring is beautiful.
    I agree cooking and working the two should not mix, unless someone is cooking and working for me ;)