Monday, July 30, 2012

Thrifted Treasures - Tiffany Blue Tufted Tub Chair!

Hello All!  Here we are at the end of July - isn't that crazy!?  It's amazing how the time flies.  I *love* Fall but the end of summer means the busy season at work.  The busy season at work means a long work day but the days start getting shorter [boo :( ] so I can't say I'm anxious for that.  Ah, but cooler weather will definitely be welcomed!  Good grief has it been HOT.  It's more the humidity that's so unbearable - either way, I can't help but dream about snow!  LOL!

Dan and I thrifted locally this weekend and I'm so excited about my find of the day.  Here it is:

Look at all those tufts!  It still has its tag stating it came from the Lord & Taylor in Falls Church, Virginia.  I did a little research and found the high-end department store opened in Falls Church in 1965 but was later changed to an outlet for the chain to try and revive sales.  Unfortunately it didn't work, and they closed their doors in July 1992.  This darling chair was at SALVO.  It's vinyl, it swivels and rocks!  It's incredibly comfortable...all for $25.  I had first considered getting it reupholstered in a gray twill to match the master bedroom but now I'm not sure I want to change it!

Here are the other finds:

1950s pink plastic "Baby" cup.  I found this at the GW outlet and thought it would look cute in my craft room to hold buttons.

I found this at our GW for $2.  There's no mark other than the silver plate is stamped "made in England."  It's heavy, pretty cut glass so it's sitting on my buffet :)

The Hazel Atlas Mason jar and vintage glass Christmas bulbs came from the GW outlet.  I found the jar first and when I came across the bin with hundreds of the bulbs in all colors, I grabbed the jar and filled it up with teal and whites ones.

I also found this hunk of milk glass at the outlet:

Since housewares are so cheap there, I decided to take a chance and see if I could make this into a lamp.

 I'm on the lookout for green/pink (watermelon!) glass stemware but these sweet pink/blue cups are so pretty (at a $1 each at GW) they made the cut :)

I found Siesta Ware mugs a few months ago (HERE) and since there was only 4 of them, these will round out the collection nicely:

I love the print on these.  I'm linking up!

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Have a great week! <3 Lisa


  1. LOVE that chair. My parents had a similar one back in the '60's!

  2. Very cool chair! Cool find and I think that milk glass piece would make a wonderful lamp, can't wait to see how you do it. Thanks for linking at Cap Creations.

  3. Nice finds! I love that pretty glass pitcher especially! Thank you for linking up and please do come back as soon as you can so you can be the first to link up on my new perpetual parade of favorite thrifty finds!

  4. Oh, you found some seriously awesome vintage thrift finds! I am loving all of them. I love the chair just the way it is! Thank you for sharing this with us last week at TTF. I hope you are having a terrific week!

  5. love love love the chair enjoy it

  6. Hey there, just stopping back by to say I've featured you this week at Cap Creations. Thanks again for joining us!

  7. That chair is awesome! And that crystal pitcher made me swoon :-) Thanks for sharing at the party this week!

  8. That chair is amazing! What a terrific find! The color and condition is just beautiful and it is so unique. Also, congrats on being featured at the Thrifty Love party (that's where I found you). I was also featured at the last party.

    Have a great weekend!


  9. I'm coveting your chair! And I wouldn't change a THING - the color is my favorite part, next to the tufting (and it doesn't hurt that it swivels AND rocks!)...
    teresa (

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