Monday, June 25, 2012

Thrift Treasures

I got a jump on the weekend thrifting by hitting up my local GW last Friday.  I have seen dozens of glass hurricane lamps but none have really caught my eye until this beauty:

The swirled glass is beautiful but what sealed the deal was this:

In the light, it has an ever so delicate amethyst tint!  It's absolutely gorgeous.  It didn't have the chimney so I'm on the hunt for one.  I only paid $2 for it.  Rhonda found these for me:

She held one up and said, "Lisa, this looks like you."  I was emphatically shaking my head yes and she said, "oh! There's four and they're $1 each."  We held our breath checking for nicks and chips but all was well.  They are Noritake Sweet Swirl Pink goblets.  Only my BFF would hand over such a find :)

On Saturday, Dan and I did our usual thrift route in Richmond, the GW outlet, Family Thrift Shop and the Salvo.  We bought mostly books at the outlet this week - trading in paperback Stephen King books for hardback ones for the home office/study.   The Family Thrift Shop had these:

These are an Indiana Glass 1982 reproduction of the Federal Glass Company's 1932-1938 madrid pattern.  IG bought Federal Glass in the late 70s.  Here's a close-up of the pattern:

I found this silver plate dish at Salvo:

It's beautiful but man, was it tarnished.  It took forever to get it looking this shiny :)  It's Friedman Silver Company, pattern 1157.  The filigree lid is what did me in :)  I've filled it with potpourri:

We stopped in at Class & Trash in Ashland on the way home.  I instantly fell in love with this:

Jeanette Glass Company carnival glass punch bowl and cups.  A modest $20 price tag.  It's beautiful, yes?  No scratches, chips, or dings or dull lustre.   Next, I found this:

This is so neat!  It looks like a glass rose bush and I'm pretty sure it's "goofus glass."  There isn't an exact time frame for the production of this glass but historians estimate between 1897 - 1920 and it was made by some of the most prominent glass manufacturers --Northwood, Dugan, Indiana Glass --to name a few.  The glass was mold-blown and then cold-painted (rather than firing it on).  Earlier pieces were undecorated.  Those that were, the paint would easily flake off.   There are several theories as to how the name "goofus" glass - or "goofy glass" came about.  Some speculate it's because it was given away at carnivals (the original carnival glass!); and others think it may be because since the paint flaked off so easily, people felt they were being "goofed" on.  I paid $4 for it.  I wonder what the folks back in the day would think about that -$4 for a piece won at a carnival?  It's a great conversation piece :)

I bought a bow front cabinet from Class & Trash also:

It was $80 and although it will need some work, it seemed a reasonable price for something with such lovely lines.  I'll keep you posted on the refinishing.  As luck would have it, there is a GW just down the road from Class & Trash.  We stopped in and I found more really lovely glassware:  

1950s West Virginia Blendo pitcher & glass set for $10.25.  Total steal.  It was in my basket when a fellow glassaholic walked over and asked could she look at it.  We stood there, gushing over it and speculating over the meticulous care it must have been given --or the lack of use! -- and talking in general about how much we loved glassware.  She told me I was stealing it for the price and I wholeheartedly agreed  :)  We also agreed we needed to start a glass lovers club.  In the same GW I found this:

a fairy lamp!  $2.  I haven't identified the pattern or the maker yet but the color alone is what caught my eye. Plus it's a fairy lamp and out in the wild - making it a must have on any level for me.  And the treasures kept being found:

My first piece of actual candlewick!  $2.  Just one lone piece; believe me I scoured the racks just in case.  And, what's a thrifting trip without at least one piece of milk glass:

It stands 8.5" tall and is 5" wide and has a basket pattern.  I paid $4.  We finished our afternoon at our Salvo and while there were no treasures to be had inside, I managed to nab this 1944 edition of Emily Post's book of "Etiquette" in a box out front marked "FREE."  How awesome is that!?

So that's the haul this week.  I'm not sure if there will be a thrift trip this coming weekend. Dan and I are going to be on vacation next week - YIPPEE!  But I'm sure there will be thrift stops along the way :)  I'm linking up!

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Have a wonderful week! <3 Lisa

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Home Office Reveal!

Dan and I have finished the home office!  Well, "finished" is a subjective term LOL!  There are a few things I'm still planning to add, a translucent acrylic desk chair, a few Expedit shelf accessories and wall art.  But those things will take some time; I'm hoping I will be able to thrift some of it :)  But, in the meantime, the room is looking pretty put together. 

I apologize - there are no "before" pictures except for this odd pic - which was actually a mistake - but at least it shows the colors it used to be:

and this one which was actually taken of the telephone table we thrifted a couple weeks ago:  It's now going to be relocated:

Please, come in and take a walk around the room with me :)

The glass door was one of the first things Dan and I installed when we moved in in October 2005.  Right inside the door is this picture:

I bought it from Target (this past March).  It reminded me of a used book store Dan and I used to frequent.  Once inside, and to the left, is the tufted love seat:

The love seat came from Overstock.  I have to say, it was a BEAST to assemble and at one point, we were ready to throw in the towel but I'm glad we hung in there.  The gorgeous pillows came from Etsy store LillieDDesigns --

These were the cornerstone of the color choices.  Oh they are beautiful and vibrant and it was specifically the peachy-melon colors that sealed the deal :)  The rug is from Ikea:

And the main focal point in the room came from Ikea too:

The Expedit shelves ---<3  Dan built a base out of 2 x 4s to raise it above the baseboard.  He then installed a wood strip at the top of the unit and installed these to the underside of the strip:
DIODER 4-piece light strip set IKEA Can be connected together (up to 4 pieces) in a straight line or L-shape.

Once he secured the shelving unit to the wall; I began filling the cubbies :)  It's not exactly how it will be; a few Expedit accessories will be added to the bottom row of shelves.  The desk will hold a lap top and a printer:

A Lucite desk from CB2 was in the original plan but at $379, I went on search for a less expensive alternative.  These came from WalMart.  There were $50 each and shipped right to my door for FREE.  Next, the light.  I wanted a glitzy chandelier; Dan didn't.  This fixture bridged the gap:

Thank you Overstock!  I'm totally in love with it.

And last, but certainly not least, the paint colors.
8 oz. Dusty Miller Interior Paint Tester  Glidden Dusty Miller and 8 oz. Natural Almond Interior/Exterior Paint Tester Behr Natural Almond

So there it is!  We're on to the next (knuckle bump) LOL!  <3 Lisa

Monday, June 18, 2012

Thrifted Finds, June 16, 2012 - Thrifting is Backbreaking Work!

So, I was super-excited about thrifting this weekend because now that the home office is almost complete, I was hoping to find some cool things for it.  I made a quick trip Friday to my retail GW and while browsing, I spied a gorgeous white satin (or frosted) glass lid.  Sadly there was no dish for it to sit atop so I lamented with it in hand for a moment but then placed it back and shelf and continued looking.  There were a few shopping carts sitting nearby that had come out of the back and as I walked by them, I spotted the dish the satin glass lid belonged to - hot dog!  So I reached in to get it and as I was hoisting it up from the depths of the cart, I felt my back spasm very unpleasantly :(  Ugh.  I have been lifting and bending and crouching quite a bit this past week working in the home office so I'm sure my back was grumpy to begin with and a little twist and bend was enough to make it really complain :)  Oh well, it's feeling a little better; once it gets knotted up, I have to keep stretching and coaxing it out of the tangle it's in!  Anyway, here is the culprit behind my discomfort this weekend:

It's 10" tall and it's paneled and it's in perfect condition.  Totally worth the pain - LOL!  I also picked up this acrylic lamp:

I was JUST looking at a lamp like at Lowe's the other night and it was $20 for the base plus the cost of a shade.  This one was $5 and I had a lamp shade that fit it (you'll see it in the office reveal later this week ;) so excited!)

Another cool find for the office -

This was $1.  The cover is beautiful and the illustrated pages are so cool.

On Saturday, Dan and I went to Richmond.  We got a bit later start; it took a little while for me to get going. I'm so glad we went!

This set is absolutely GORGEOUS.  It's a vintage tea/Saki set by Asahi Japan.  The image is what caught my eye:

I just have to say, 59 cents a pound - this weighed maybe 1.5 pounds - less than $1 for this - SHUT. UP.  Zero cracks, chips, or stains.

And what is a thrift trip without a haul of vintage glass?

Isn't she a beauty?  Hazel Atlas Florentine No. 1 ruffled rim sugar cup produced between 1932-1934.  Perfect.  And because of that fantastic ruffled rim, there is no lid so no missing pieces!  This next dish was a really exciting find also:

1941-1956 Fire-King Sapphire Blue 1.5 qt. casserole dish with knob-handled lid.  "Fire King" is printed in the glass:

Unfortunately, the underside rim of the lid is chipped but should still function all right.  It seems the chipping came from the previous owner and nothing that happened in the bin :)

Has anyone seen these before:

There were 5 of these but #5 was chipped so I just took these four.  We're not whiskey drinkers but these were so darn cool...

I picked up a couple of votive holders:

Mercury glass is always a do and the color of the second one had me at hello.  The fishies did me in - ha!

I have seen that a lot of you find those wonderful "Little Golden Books" and remembered to check the book bins:

Honestly, I didn't have any of these when I was a kid but maybe that's even more of a reason to have them.

After looking through the books, it was time to go and just as we were making our way to check-out, the bell sounded and a load of housewares came out of the back.  We figured we'd take a look.  We waited until the feeding frenzy was over -- it's crazier than a mosh pit at a heavy metal concert -- but good things come to those who wait ;)

Hobnail milk glass is always a win :)  I also got this:

It's been washed and sun-dried and smells oh-so-fabulous. The ric rac trim is the perfect touch!  The SALVO was next and it was a jackpot:

EEEEEE!  No marks and one of the most unique pieces I've found to date!  $3.50 S-O-L-D.  It looks like it's covered in nonpareils!  And then a shelf or two below, this:

I haven't identified it yet.  I am thrilled to have a milk glass basket for $3.  Then I spied these odd scissors:

They were tarnished but still so beautiful!  I have learned they are grape sheers and either silver or silver plate.  I paid $1 for them.

The final stop of the day was at our GW retail.  This Leonard Silver footed platter was wickedly tarnished and took lots of elbow grease and Weiman silver cream...

to make it look this beautiful!  Look at those feet:

These two vases ($1 each) were calling my name.  The aqua color is the same as the paint in my sun room:

Neither vase is marked but I cannot resist anything this shade of aqua ;)  which is why I had to grab this:

It's my first butterprint find and in aqua and for $1 :)

and finally, this really interesting painting.  It was between two pieces of glass and sealed with some kind of tape.  I didn't understand why it was done that way so I took it apart and discovered the painting is actually on glass!  The tape was waterproof - D'OH!  So now, I am on the hunt for some so I can do the same.

If anyone recognizes this artist, would you please let me know?  I'm linking up!

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Have a great week! <3 Lisa