Monday, June 25, 2012

Thrift Treasures

I got a jump on the weekend thrifting by hitting up my local GW last Friday.  I have seen dozens of glass hurricane lamps but none have really caught my eye until this beauty:

The swirled glass is beautiful but what sealed the deal was this:

In the light, it has an ever so delicate amethyst tint!  It's absolutely gorgeous.  It didn't have the chimney so I'm on the hunt for one.  I only paid $2 for it.  Rhonda found these for me:

She held one up and said, "Lisa, this looks like you."  I was emphatically shaking my head yes and she said, "oh! There's four and they're $1 each."  We held our breath checking for nicks and chips but all was well.  They are Noritake Sweet Swirl Pink goblets.  Only my BFF would hand over such a find :)

On Saturday, Dan and I did our usual thrift route in Richmond, the GW outlet, Family Thrift Shop and the Salvo.  We bought mostly books at the outlet this week - trading in paperback Stephen King books for hardback ones for the home office/study.   The Family Thrift Shop had these:

These are an Indiana Glass 1982 reproduction of the Federal Glass Company's 1932-1938 madrid pattern.  IG bought Federal Glass in the late 70s.  Here's a close-up of the pattern:

I found this silver plate dish at Salvo:

It's beautiful but man, was it tarnished.  It took forever to get it looking this shiny :)  It's Friedman Silver Company, pattern 1157.  The filigree lid is what did me in :)  I've filled it with potpourri:

We stopped in at Class & Trash in Ashland on the way home.  I instantly fell in love with this:

Jeanette Glass Company carnival glass punch bowl and cups.  A modest $20 price tag.  It's beautiful, yes?  No scratches, chips, or dings or dull lustre.   Next, I found this:

This is so neat!  It looks like a glass rose bush and I'm pretty sure it's "goofus glass."  There isn't an exact time frame for the production of this glass but historians estimate between 1897 - 1920 and it was made by some of the most prominent glass manufacturers --Northwood, Dugan, Indiana Glass --to name a few.  The glass was mold-blown and then cold-painted (rather than firing it on).  Earlier pieces were undecorated.  Those that were, the paint would easily flake off.   There are several theories as to how the name "goofus" glass - or "goofy glass" came about.  Some speculate it's because it was given away at carnivals (the original carnival glass!); and others think it may be because since the paint flaked off so easily, people felt they were being "goofed" on.  I paid $4 for it.  I wonder what the folks back in the day would think about that -$4 for a piece won at a carnival?  It's a great conversation piece :)

I bought a bow front cabinet from Class & Trash also:

It was $80 and although it will need some work, it seemed a reasonable price for something with such lovely lines.  I'll keep you posted on the refinishing.  As luck would have it, there is a GW just down the road from Class & Trash.  We stopped in and I found more really lovely glassware:  

1950s West Virginia Blendo pitcher & glass set for $10.25.  Total steal.  It was in my basket when a fellow glassaholic walked over and asked could she look at it.  We stood there, gushing over it and speculating over the meticulous care it must have been given --or the lack of use! -- and talking in general about how much we loved glassware.  She told me I was stealing it for the price and I wholeheartedly agreed  :)  We also agreed we needed to start a glass lovers club.  In the same GW I found this:

a fairy lamp!  $2.  I haven't identified the pattern or the maker yet but the color alone is what caught my eye. Plus it's a fairy lamp and out in the wild - making it a must have on any level for me.  And the treasures kept being found:

My first piece of actual candlewick!  $2.  Just one lone piece; believe me I scoured the racks just in case.  And, what's a thrifting trip without at least one piece of milk glass:

It stands 8.5" tall and is 5" wide and has a basket pattern.  I paid $4.  We finished our afternoon at our Salvo and while there were no treasures to be had inside, I managed to nab this 1944 edition of Emily Post's book of "Etiquette" in a box out front marked "FREE."  How awesome is that!?

So that's the haul this week.  I'm not sure if there will be a thrift trip this coming weekend. Dan and I are going to be on vacation next week - YIPPEE!  But I'm sure there will be thrift stops along the way :)  I'm linking up!

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Have a wonderful week! <3 Lisa


  1. wow! What a haul!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  2. Yippee! Such a special piece you found! You just need two more and you will be an official collector of Candlewick LOL! Welcome to my world :-) I love everything single item that you found. I kept gasping as I scrolled down! Please sprinkle some of your lucky thrift dust on me so that, come July 7, I have just as good of luck as you!!

  3. Great finds, I really like the egg nog set, great color. Greetings from Germany!

  4. Charming candlewick plate and such a great price.

  5. What fabulous finds! I love the 2 sets of glasses, so very pretty!
    Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a wonderful night!

    I'm having my very first blog giveaway and would be delighted to have you stop by!

    Aledia @ Plum Perfect

  6. Great finds! I love goodwill hunting! :)

  7. Wow you have lots of treasures to share this week! Thanks for sharing them at Cap Creations. The swirl glasses are great, my mom and sis in law used to have those. I love the green cups and pitcher set, they are my favorite color.

  8. You are a thrift shopping diva!! Seriously, that Emily Post book was free - I'd have been doing my happy dance over that. Love the eggnog set and that goofus glass makes me goofy with happiness!

  9. The fairy lamp was made by Indiana Glass and the pattern is Stars and Bars.