Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Thrifted Finds - June 10, 2012

I hope you all had a great weekend!  Dan and I did what's becoming our "usual Saturday morning" ritual and headed to Richmond to thrift.  I've been running a bit behind because we've been finishing the home office but I definitely didn't want to miss out on the thrift share parties! 

The outlet was great!  Look what I found - in LOVELY condition, stacked neatly in the corner of a bin:

1950s Fire King peach lustre handled soup bowls.  They were a little dirty, but other than that, they are beautiful!

Next I found this:

1950s Chase hand-painted ceramic child's mug, "always drink milk"  Now, the handle is too cute but the bow around the calf's neck hides a nasty scar --it is apparent the head broke off at some point and  was glued back on.  No worries; a little ribbon and no one will ever know... LOL!  I'm planning to use this in my craft room as a pencil cup.  

Isn't this really cool?

I love the square stopper!   

This next pic is of some really neat milk glass pieces I found but the bud vase (left) came from GW retail and the planter (right) came from the outlet.  The vase was $1 and the planter was just a few cents.   

I also found two purses.   Purses at the outlet are $3 each.   I call this first one "the Peggy."  It totally looks like something Peggy Olsen (Mad Men) would carry :)  

There's a tag inside, "Empress USA."  I'm guessing it's from the early 60s.  Next, I found this:

It's fake but I like it.  The authentic Louis Vuitton vinyl bucket bag is a limited edition.  I saw it on eBay as a buy it now for $700 *GULP*  A $3 knock off is more my style ;)

GW retail had some great stuff too:

****updated to add:  So excited to learn this is a McKee Brothers crystal line #44 (shell shape)*****

I have been wanting on of these vintage candle holders.  I haven't identified this pattern/maker yet but I love the clean lines (and the $2 price tag ;)  This next item had a yellow sticker which meant it was 50% off - fabulous!  It was $7.25 and I got it for $3.81:

Federal Glass Pioneer Patterned platter in smoke carnival glass.

***edited to add this is a Block Crystal votive in their "tulip garden" pattern.  
It was produced between 1999-2005***

Crystal vase $2.   Next we went to the "Family Thrift Store" and there were treasures abound:

1/2 gallon Atlas E-Z seal jar with a big ole' bubble right in the front and a Hazel Atlas mason jar complete with zinc lid and ceramic insert.  $3 for these - SCORE.  Only one complaint...The 1/2 gallon jar came with an UNWANTED bonus - an icky spider!  Dan saved the day.  He paid for the jar and then took it outside and released the creeper into the wild.  :)  My hero *swoon* LOL!

While Dan wrangled the 8-legged fiend, I nabbed this little darling:

Josef Original - January "Carnation" girl - $2  My morning cup o' joe costs more than this little treasure - that's crazy!  But this makes it official - I collect Josef Original figurines.

And finally, this Imperial marigold carnival glass pansy nappy for $5.  The handle is shaped like a twig.   Next we hit Salvo.

I scooped this up ASAP! A Pyrex Friendship oval casserole dish.  It's actually red but my pics make it look orange.  It was $2.29 for both pieces - I swore it was a mistake but the cashier said it wasn't.  It's very large and in great condition.

Here are the other scores from Salvo:

Kings Crown cranberry flash compote $2

English hobnail decanter $5

I haven't identified the pattern on these yet.  They were 50 cents each.

Antique beaded panel bowl.  It's in perfect condition and really beautiful!

On our way home we stopped at Two Times New thrift and I got this amazing figural milk glass compote:

for $5!  That's a terrific deal.  I have shells in it and it's sitting on a small table in my sun room :)  Finally, our Goodwill retail was hoppin'!  Here's my haul:

Federal Glass Colonial Panel  3" sherbet cups, 99 cents each

Birch-bark covered bucket, 99 cents
 And finally, I found this last item quite...well...uh...puzzling:

So, these large plastic puzzle pieces in an acrylic tray with loads of tape across the front (to keep them from falling out and such) were just sitting on a shelf all flashy and cute.  There were 2 sets.  $3 and totally cool but what were they?  A game?  Cool wall art?  I bought them of course.  The only thing harder for me to resist than glass is lighted kitsch - LOL!  And then I googled.  Here's what they are for:

Lighted --light changing! --coasters and the acrylic storage tray doubles as a serving tray.  They go for $45 each set of 4 -- I got 8 for a mere fraction of the  retail cost of one - I will NEVER. STOP. THRIFTING  :)  I'm linking up!

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I am going to post the Minnie Mouse invitations this week and hopefully I will have pics of our re-done home office!  Have a wonderful week!  <3 Lisa


  1. You found some really nice treasures!! That's a great bargain on the Pyrex!

  2. Oh my gosh, all that beautiful milk glass. Love it.

  3. oh wow what wonderful treasures and soooo many! good job! i like the jars and the milk glass and the pyrex okay all of it lol!
    Thanks for sharing at cap creations.

  4. I think I had a little deer cup like that when I was young...seeing it is stirring up some old memory molecules. Your crystal vase might be a spooner, which I learned about at, Mitzey's Miscellany. She has a blog and teaches her readers about some vintage pieces. Victorians used spooners to hold spoons (I know, duh!) and they look like small vases. I have two of my own and I keep them by the coffee pot and sugar so I don't have to scramble in my drawer when I have a cup of Joe. Go check her out, you will be glad you did!

    1. Thank you SuzieQ - I love vintage glass but know nothing about crystal. I will totally check out Mitzey's. That's a great idea to keep your spooner by your coffee pot :) I need to do that too! Thanks so much for the info!!

    2. Hi Lisa - I am really loving glass lately and don't know anything about it so I was excited that I DID have something to share.

      Check out this site- http://www.patternglass.com/Store/Spooners/

      I think you found something very nice!

    3. Wow this is pretty exciting! I try to research my finds but sometimes, have no idea where to start. The crystal piece is too big for a goblet but too small for a vase so I was stumped. I think you're right - it's a spooner. Thank you so much for sending the link! :)

  5. Wow! What a great day, minus Mr. or Ms Spider! Thanks for linking up at the party this week!

  6. You found some great treasures. I just found some fire king bowls like yours this weekend. Love the peach color. Great finds.