Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Coffee Filter Garland

Hi All!

I know this is Halloween-themed but I didn't get to share it then and I don't want to wait until Halloween 2016.  So thanks to Pinterest, I have a new obsession.  Coffee filter garland!  This is really easy (a little time consuming) but totally worth it.  It's just so fluffy!

Those Williamsburg hurricanes are a thrift find!  They were $15 each and I believe the bases are actual brass - score! The pumpkin planter is another find from the Goodwill outlet.  At 59 cents/pound, it was probably free - LOL!  I digress - the coffee filters are from the dollar store.  They were dyed using food coloring diluted in water.  The colors for the garland were decided the minute I found the mini-pumpkins!  Aren't their colors just beautiful?

I used food coloring diluted in water and dyed the filters but have since read you can use acrylic paint diluted in water.  

How gorgeous would this be in pink, blue and yellow for a baby shower!?  Or tea-stained, just for vintage goodness?  Think of the possibilities!  

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Top 10 Thrift Finds of 2014

Hello All,

This is the part of bringing in a new year that's light and fun--looking over the past year and highlighting the best finds!  Here they are in no particular order:

1.  All Glass Chandelier

It wasn't much to look at when I brought it home...

but a good cleaning and new wiring, paint, and crystals turned it into the swoon-worthy swan it was meant to be:

2.  Cranberry Flashed Punchbowl, 12 cups and ladle

This set is incredible.  The flashing is perfection.  I see cranberry flashed glassware A LOT but NEVER in this amazing condition.  I am totally convinced this arrived at the thrift store in its original packaging and it was opened and unpacked for the first time.  How sad that it's debut was a sit-in on the shelf at the thrift store!  Thank goodness I found it so that it could realize it's destiny as the focal point of a holiday party buffet table :)!  Those little footed punch cups do me in every. time.  $15

3.  Johnson Brothers Blue Willow enamel on steel whistling tea kettle

This tea kettle is a treasure!  From the little bird handle to its wonderful train whistle sound, it makes me drink tea just so I can use it -- LOL!  $4

4.  Eastlake Victorian mirror

I took the day off from work on my birthday just to go thrifting and I swear, it was like a surprise party set up just for me!  This mirror was one of the many amazing finds from that day.  I am totally convinced the day was divinely orchestrated because the things I found were incredible --not only are they exactly the kind of things I love, the prices were ridiculous!  It's funny too, because I had been neglecting the architectural section of the thrift store.  Since I had the day off and could leisurely peruse the whole store, I decided to check it out.  That's when I found this mirror.  I wasn't sure where it would go...and then I just knew it belonged here:

The wall at the end of my the dining room table!  It's like it was always meant to be there :)
It was $30.

5.  Crystal box with tiny key

This is another birthday find!  I love this heavy glass box with all the ornate details, including the tiny perfect key!  It was $4.50.

6.  Hazel Atlas Pink Crinoline luncheon set

This is THE birthday find of the day!  See what I mean about the divine intervention!?  One does not just "find" a near-perfect set of HA pink crinoline for $19.99!  God is good :)

7.  Antique cranberry glass tray and tumblers

Dan and I were in a hospice thrift shop in Winchester, Virginia, when I found the glass tray.  There is the slightest evidence that the rim of the tray was gold as was a delicate pattern in the center of the tray.  The glass is wavy and such a beautiful color!  A week later, we had gone back to Winchester and I found the glasses at an SPCA thrift!  The glasses also have evidence of a gold rim and decoration and because the color is so close to that of the tray, I'm convinced they go with the tray :)  I paid $4 for the whole set.

8. Rattan sea horse

This simple little sea horse makes me crazy happy.  I haven't come across anything like him.  I just love him!  He was also a find from my Birthday thrift trip for $1.50.

9.  Pie crust table

This little table is enchanting to me.  I have no idea of it's age or who made it, etc., but the detail in the construction blows my mind.  It was $30.

10.  Glass globe and sea horse stand

This is one of those finds that, at the time I picked up them up, I had no idea how they would be used or where they would go.  I didn't find them together.  The stand was $1 find from one thrift shop and the glass globe (also $1) from another.  When the craft room was ready for accessories, I was shopping the house for ideas and came across the stand.  I remembered the glass globe and viola!  a favorite display was born :)

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