Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Coffee Filter Garland

Hi All!

I know this is Halloween-themed but I didn't get to share it then and I don't want to wait until Halloween 2016.  So thanks to Pinterest, I have a new obsession.  Coffee filter garland!  This is really easy (a little time consuming) but totally worth it.  It's just so fluffy!

Those Williamsburg hurricanes are a thrift find!  They were $15 each and I believe the bases are actual brass - score! The pumpkin planter is another find from the Goodwill outlet.  At 59 cents/pound, it was probably free - LOL!  I digress - the coffee filters are from the dollar store.  They were dyed using food coloring diluted in water.  The colors for the garland were decided the minute I found the mini-pumpkins!  Aren't their colors just beautiful?

I used food coloring diluted in water and dyed the filters but have since read you can use acrylic paint diluted in water.  

How gorgeous would this be in pink, blue and yellow for a baby shower!?  Or tea-stained, just for vintage goodness?  Think of the possibilities!  

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  1. I love this idea, the garland is beautiful! I will definitely be trying this out : )