Thursday, October 16, 2014

Witches Tablescape

**updated to add pics of the finished centerpiece!**

Hello All!

I love this time of year.  Pumpkins, falling leaves, a chill in the air, pumpkin-flavored everything, Halloween --love it --I love it all :)

This year, I wanted to do a Halloween-themed dining room table.  It started with these ceramic hands from LTD Commodities for cheap ($4.95 each)!

Creepy and cool, yeah?  Even though they are meant to hang on the wall, this is how I imagined displaying them:

They're mounted to wood blocks:

There's one at each place setting and I used a fabric remnant to wrap around them and hide the blocks.

The hands look like they are reaching out or grabbing at you...

...well, at least that bowl!

The orange glass goblets came from CB2.

Look at that gorgeous color!

There are a number of thrifted items on the table -- solid brass chargers (8 of them for $15):

black glass goblets by Libbey (99 cents each):

This Crate and Barrel (it's marked!) cake plate:

and (another) Victorian boot planter that I spray-painted and filled with a witchy-looking plant:

*update!  I finished the centerpiece-

These super tall, glass candlesticks weren't thrifted but I did buy them on clearance a few months ago from ZGallerie.

Gonna getcha!

Have you started your Halloween decorating yet?

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Monday, May 26, 2014

Birthday Thrifting

Hello All!

I went thrifting last month on my birthday and it felt like a surprise birthday party just for me --look at the wonderful "gifts" I got found:

First up, this splendid cut glass box with working lock...

...and adorbs tiny key!

It was $9 but it was 50% off day (Happy Birthday to me, indeed!) so I paid $4.50.  I {heart} anything ocean/beach/aquatic-related so this rattan-wrapped wire sea horse is a delight ($1.50).

As is this tiny silver plate whale ($2):

When I thrift, I have my go-to areas--glassware and housewares first, always.  Then I check out lamps and furniture.  Usually, I spend so much time in these sections that by the time I finish, Dan has finished looking in his go-to sections and we leave.  This time, I ended up with extra time so I decided to spend it looking through the architectural section of the thrift store.  It hadn't been anything special the few times I'd checked it out before.  But now, I am now going to be sure to check it more often because of this:

A swoon-worthy Eastlake Victorian mirror:

(just a little side note--those faux hydrangeas came from Ikea!  They were a great price and are really beautiful.)  The cast iron bunny was a gift from Dan for Christmas. 

I think it's exquisite :) It was $30.  And finally, the big gift of the day -

Hazel Atlas Pink Crinoline luncheon set --almost complete!-- 6 luncheon plates, 7 saucers, 6 teacups (one with a beaded handle!) and 2 (HTF) berry bowls.  It is in lovely condition.  I really could not believe my eyes to see first--all this pink gorgeousness just sitting on the shelf and second--the incredibly low price.  I thought for sure it would be maybe $40 or $50 because these sets go for double that on eBay.  The cost was $19.90!  CRAZY and AwEsOmE :)

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Weekend Getaway AND Thrift Finds!

Hello All!

Dan and I sneaked out of town last weekend!  We had actually planned a little getaway back in February but an unexpected foot of snow put our plans on hold.  This month was the first chance we've had to take that little February trip and actually, it worked out perfectly since April hosts both of our birthdays!  Of course we did a little thrifting.

Last year, I found an old cast iron bird cage stand at a thrift store in Winchester.  It had a cage with it but it was a newer style I didn't like so I donated it back.  Since then, I've been on the lookout for a cage that would fit the style of my stand.  This weekend, I found this pretty thing.

Here is what I think is so cool and pretty much captures the whole reason I *love* to thrift.  Dan and I saw a cage just like this one in an antique mall in Strasburg.  The asking price was $130 (ouch).  Fast forward 2 days.  Dan and I were out exploring and came upon a flea market.  I was wondering around, looking at glassware, and there, in the grassy area between the booths, I saw this cage!  The seller walked over and said the price was $150 womp womp :(  As it turns out, there was a misunderstanding over the price and it was cleared up when I blurted out, "A HUNDRED FIFTY!?" ...and the kind lady explained she said it was $50. Ultimately, I paid $42 :)

The quatrefoil metal is so lovely!  It needs a good scrubbing and there is a little rust.  I absolutely love it!

The giant painted terracotta fish was $18.  That might be a little pricey as far as thrift store pricing goes, but since the thrift store it came from supports animals, it felt more like a donation.

I'm a sucker for any beach-related theme.  This little print is signed, dated and numbered, "Pallan, 22/500, 1983."  It's titled "Sanderling."  I'm going to paint the frame and re-mat it.  I like the cream/brown but there are some wonderful colors going on in this print - blues, grays and some lavender, but they're lost in this dark frame and mat.

I saw this gesso frame in the window of a thrift shop and thought it might be a good find.  I didn't buy it that first day out.  I woke up the next morning and asked Dan if we could go back.

The print is by an artist named Fritz Muller-Landeck Munchen and it's called Summer Landscape.
The next three finds are wonderful.  They are all Andrea by Sadek, signed and numbered, perfect figurines.  The first is called, Mourning Doves:


and Cardinal:

Finally, this glass globe ornament.  I love it on the sea horse stand; plus it looks great in the craft room :)

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Have a great week!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Thrift Finds - Blue Willow and other curious things

Hello All!

It's time to share some thrift finds!  I haven't been thrifting as much just to keep the amassing of tons of glassware to a minimum - LOL!  But it's totally in my blood so for now, I'm trying to cut back and then, when I do go, be picky.  Yeah, how's that working out for me?  Ummm, well, sounds wonderful, until I see something unusual or quirky or cool - LOL!

Like, for instance, this really awesome vase?  planter?

It caught my eye because at first, I thought the figure was a mermaid holding up a shell.  But she has wings also.  

It seems angels and cherubs were popular subjects of objects like this and I'm guessing that's what it's meant to represent.

It's stamped "made in Italy;" yet even the mark hasn't helped identify the maker or give an idea as to when it was made.  It was $2.

I found this cute little guy at Goodwill.  There are no marks on it and it's possible he's been painted:

Oh he is so darn cute!  He looks like the Baldelli Pottery owls and wonder if this was part of a pair of bookends.  He was $1.45 (50% off day) at B-Thrifty.

This heavy cut-glass open compote is one of my favorite pieces to date.  The pattern is Masonic and was originally produced by McKee brothers in that late 1800s and production continued in the early 1900s under the National Glass Co.  I picked it up at Village Thrift.  I don't remember the exact price but know it was under $5.

Next up is this Thrift Bucket List item - a pie crust table.

The decorative edge is stunning.  It's broken in a couple places but it's nothing a little wood glue won't fix.

And look at those feet!

...and other decorative details!  Absolutely gorgeous.  I paid $30 for it.

Last Spring, I was fortunate enough to come across 4 lovely sets of EIT Blue Willow.  My sister was visiting and she and I went thrifting (that post here):

Blue Willow reminds me of my Gran.  I am delighted to add this to my collection:

A Johnson Brothers enamel on steel whistling tea kettle!  OMGosh, that little birdie handled lid does me in :)  $4 at Salvation Army.  And just when I thought it couldn't get any better than that, I find these:

4 perfect Hazel Atlas frosted Blue Willow tumblers!  They were $1 each.

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Ta Da! The Craft Room Re-Do

Hello All!

I have been dying to share my craft room and I don't want to wait any longer!  My laptop crashed and Dan is in the process of recovering the contents which includes the latest photos of the makeover.  I had started this post before the crash so I'm going with it but I'll be back with more pictures.  If you missed it, here is the craft room BEFORE.   It's been 6 months since I got the itch to re-do the room and it started because of this:

I love the print on this chair! I don't normally shop Pottery Barn Teen - no, seriously, LOL! - but I happened across this snow leopard plush chair and was smitten!    Well, "smitten" is a cute, lightweight word. Obsessed is more accurate!  Unfortunately, the PBteen chair is $300.  Too pricey and it's meant for a dorm room.  Even if I could get past the price tag and despite my young-at-heart attitude, I couldn't get past the fact it was meant for a dorm room. search began to find something for my craft room in "grown up" snow leopard print.  Look at what I found (Thanks Pinterest!):

Eijffinger Ibiza abstract leopard wallpaper in cream, metallic and beige. I had no idea this gorgeousness existed in the universe.  Once I did, it was ON!   I quickly learned that I couldn't just pop into Lowe's and find this wallpaper on the shelf.  Eijffinger is a Holland-based company and while I could find UK-based websites that sold the wallpaper online, shipping costs were just as much as the paper.  Luckily I found a US company --Brewster Wallcovering-- that partners with Sherwin Williams, and they could special order it for me.  It was a little pricey but nothing compared to the PBteen chair and so much more elegant looking!

Ok, without further adieu, here's my room now:

I have played around with the placement of the chair, ottoman and desk.  They are arranged differently now and I ended up using a different desk.

Here's the wall with the wallpaper!  I love how subtle the print is and the glint of metallic sheen:

The credenza is from Joss and Main.  That thing is a beast.  It's 7.5 feet long.  Imagine carrying that thing up a 15-stair L shaped staircase.  It wasn't pretty folks!   The desk lamp came from HomeGoods.

The Expedit before the doors and drawers were assembled and attached.  The paint is Sherwin Williams, Bravo Blue.

The curtains are from JC Penney's.

The wire shelves came from Home Depot and are by Closet Maid.  I've put another small desk in the closet and it will house my computer and printer.  Dan put up the shelving and installed lighting.  I love how bright it is.

I was able to find this pic which shows the snow leopard print fabric I used to cover the pillow in the chair. The chair came from Ikea years ago.  It's a Tullsta chair and was outfitted in a green cover.  Luckily Ikea still sells the covers so I bought a white one for this room.  I also picked up the ottoman while I was there.  It has storage inside too!

I have been accessorizing here and there.  The butterflies are a thrift find.  Dan found them at the Goodwill Outlet!  He gave them to me because my Grandma Norma loved butterflies.  It is amazing how much I adore them --not only because of my Grandma but because Dan remembered she loved them and gave them to me.  They are signed (not sure of the name!), numbered (34/50),  and dated 1979.  

Here's a closer look:

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