Monday, July 30, 2012

Thrifted Treasures - Tiffany Blue Tufted Tub Chair!

Hello All!  Here we are at the end of July - isn't that crazy!?  It's amazing how the time flies.  I *love* Fall but the end of summer means the busy season at work.  The busy season at work means a long work day but the days start getting shorter [boo :( ] so I can't say I'm anxious for that.  Ah, but cooler weather will definitely be welcomed!  Good grief has it been HOT.  It's more the humidity that's so unbearable - either way, I can't help but dream about snow!  LOL!

Dan and I thrifted locally this weekend and I'm so excited about my find of the day.  Here it is:

Look at all those tufts!  It still has its tag stating it came from the Lord & Taylor in Falls Church, Virginia.  I did a little research and found the high-end department store opened in Falls Church in 1965 but was later changed to an outlet for the chain to try and revive sales.  Unfortunately it didn't work, and they closed their doors in July 1992.  This darling chair was at SALVO.  It's vinyl, it swivels and rocks!  It's incredibly comfortable...all for $25.  I had first considered getting it reupholstered in a gray twill to match the master bedroom but now I'm not sure I want to change it!

Here are the other finds:

1950s pink plastic "Baby" cup.  I found this at the GW outlet and thought it would look cute in my craft room to hold buttons.

I found this at our GW for $2.  There's no mark other than the silver plate is stamped "made in England."  It's heavy, pretty cut glass so it's sitting on my buffet :)

The Hazel Atlas Mason jar and vintage glass Christmas bulbs came from the GW outlet.  I found the jar first and when I came across the bin with hundreds of the bulbs in all colors, I grabbed the jar and filled it up with teal and whites ones.

I also found this hunk of milk glass at the outlet:

Since housewares are so cheap there, I decided to take a chance and see if I could make this into a lamp.

 I'm on the lookout for green/pink (watermelon!) glass stemware but these sweet pink/blue cups are so pretty (at a $1 each at GW) they made the cut :)

I found Siesta Ware mugs a few months ago (HERE) and since there was only 4 of them, these will round out the collection nicely:

I love the print on these.  I'm linking up!

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Have a great week! <3 Lisa

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Thrifted Treasures - Tea Room & Birthday Girls

Hello All!  I found lovely things in Richmond to share this week *but* first I want to give a big ol' thanks to 
The Thrifty Groove for featuring my gorgeous teal glassware!  WooHoo!  There is a super-fun share party each week here so please come join in the festivities :)

Ok, here are my treasures and in no particular order:

Indiana Glass Tea Room Pattern (1926-1931) 9.5" ruffled vase, $2 Salvation Army

Brody Glass, teal vase $1, GW

1966 Joan Walsh Anglund collectible "July" plate, $2 GW

Blue vase, $1, GW

Vintage Lefton 2" birthday month girl set (missing May and December), GW, an all-out steal for less than $10!

Aren't they just darling!?

Snowflake Ballerina Fairy ornament, GW Outlet, practically free :)
If anyone has seen ornaments like these or know who makes them, would you please let me know?  I would love more of them.  I dug her out of a bin at the outlet and her right arm is cracked and I'll need to re-attached her head.  But she's adorable with her little eyelashes and tutu with little snowflake dangles - I love it!  It reminds me of this:  

 Genuine cowhide double-sided pillows, $10/each, SALVO  

vintage Viking hobnail red, orange, yellow  stretch vase with twisted base, GW, $12
Oh I know, more iridescent glasses!  I can't stop but these are just so gorgeous:

$1 each at SALVO

Monday, July 16, 2012

Thrifted Treasures - Teal Glassware!

On Friday I found this great website, The Thrift  Just by entering either your zip code or state and zip, it will tell you the thrift shops in your area.  It also allows users to provide their reviews and rates the stores according.  It's awesome.  I entered "Richmond, Virginia" and the search results yielded 35 -THIRTY FIVE!!! - thrift locations.  That's a lot of pickin' places :).   We went to 11 of them on Saturday along with and we found another "Antiques" mall which was really mostly vintage pieces with antique pricing!  But, it's always fun to to see some of the things in person that I've drooled over in web searches or books.  OK, let's get to the finds!  Here we go...

1. Goodwill Outlet:

I'm affectionately calling this vase "Gator" glass.  Look at this cool texture:

At first glance it reminded me of the "rumple" vases (from this post) I see often but I did a double take when I realized it looked more reptilian.  The bottom is stamped, "Copyright by Sam Berger 1972."  

Next up, an egg cup and toothpick holder:

The egg cup is marked ARC France and Dan found the little *pink* Imperial Glass urn for me :)

I dug this syrup pitcher out of a bin:

I haven't identified it yet but the scalloped rim, inverted opposing diamond pattern, and lovely shaped handle (oh, and the 59c/lb price tag) meant it was coming home with me.

2.  The Family Thrift Store:

I love the beaded edge on this relish dish.  It looks so much like candlewick!  It was $1.98  Here's the pattern inside:

Last week, I found a pie bird, and this week, I found a pie plate:

A 1941-1956 Fire-King Sapphire Blue 9" pie plate!  I found a matching 1.5 qt casserole dish last month (here) at the GW outlet.  The pie plate was really dirty and I wasn't sure what I would find underneath all of the crud, but for $1, I decided to take a chance.  Look at the beautiful pattern:

The next three thrift stores - SALVO, Retail Goodwill on Midlothian Turnpike, and  RAL (Richmond Animal League) Thrift - yielded no finds.  The next stop, #6, was The Thrifty Quaker where I found this little treat for 50 cents:

This adorable porcelain sleeping kitten was made in the 1950s-1960s in England by the Hungarian artist Joseph Szeiler.  It's signed and!

The next stop was Diversity Thrift (#7).  As luck would have it, all glassware was 50% off!

I know, more iridescent glasses.  Did I mention they were 50% off?  And four of them are purple!  $5 for all.
The next two stops, 8 and 9, were both SALVOs but the one wasn't completely set up yet (they had just moved into their new building) and I found this at #9:

This is an Indiana Glass Recollection Madrid pattern footed clear hurricane.  It was 60 cents - crazy!  I just found the Madrid tumblers 2 weeks ago (here) in pink.

The last two stops were both retail Goodwill stores - I hit the jackpot!

There are two patterns going on here but they are the same color and it's the color that I HAD to have :)  The luncheon plates are (1957) Indiana Glass Park Avenue pattern (originally a Colony Glass Company mold).  The goblets and sherbets are also by Indiana Glass in their Nouveau pattern (1968).  The color is referred to as blue but it's really more on the teal side - it's just beautiful!

The whole set was $15.  

I thought this was so cool:

Restoration Hardware silver plate penguin candle holder.  Quirky!

Finally, this gorgeous bowl for $3:

I love the painted koi:

I can't wait to see what you found!  I'm linking up!

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Have a great week!  <3 Lisa

Monday, July 9, 2012

Thrifted Treasures - Pie Vent & Ironstone!

***Edited to add:  My fabby finds from last week were the most viewed  post from Kathe With an E's awesome YOU'RE GONNA LOVE IT linky party!  Woo hoo!!  Thank you Everybody and huge thank you and shout out to one terrific and gracious host --KATHE (that's with an E ;)  If you haven't checked out her wonderful blog and link party, please do yourself a favor and head on over!  You simply must check out her amazing CANDLEWICK table setting.  I drool over it!!***

Hello All :)  I have been off since last Tuesday and boy, it is not going to be easy to get back to the ol' grind tomorrow!  I was sick last week with an upper respiratory infection so that was a bummer.  Even though I was feeling better by Saturday, the heat was awful so we decided not to head to Richmond and to just thrift locally.  The first stop was SALVO.

I saw this beautiful white pitcher sitting on the shelf:

I picked it up, wondering if it was real English ironstone, flipped it over to see if it was marked and saw this:

Yep, it's real - LOL!  Not only was I thrilled to find my first piece of ironstone, I actually laughed out loud that the answer to the question in my head was answered so clearly :)  It was $10.  I also picked this up:

It is an ashtray but will live in my sun room as art.  It was $1 and so was this plastic tortoise shell frame:

 Next, we headed to GW.  This next find is my favorite of the day:

It's a fruit pie vent or pie bird!  Isn't it precious!?

I have been wanting one of these --which is hysterical because I have NEVER baked a pie in my life unless it was a Mrs. Smith's -- but who knows, with this sweet little birdie, maybe I'll be baking up a storm!  It came from GW and was $1.  This chair was $8:

It needs some work but it's super solid and is going to look amazing in white with a re-upholstered seat!

These next items came from GW also:

4 iridescent glasses, 99c each!

4 Anchor Hocking pink argyle glasses, 99c each

Frosted glass platter with lemon slice graphic, 99c

Indiana Glass Celebrations punch bowl, rose pattern $4
After GW, we headed over to Two Times New, a resale/thrift mall.  Dan and I found this beautiful china cabinet.  I've been looking for one --Craigslist and SALVO --but just haven't found the right one...until this one:

Thomasville breakfront lighted china curio cabinet from their Collector's cherry collection.  BEAUTIFUL.  The $699 price tag had been reduced to $399!  

So that's all for me this week.  If the weather breaks, we'll head to Richmond this weekend --yep, it's barely Monday night and I'm already thinking WEEKEND ;)  I'm linking up!

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Have a wonderful week! <3 Lisa