Monday, July 2, 2012

Thrifted Treasures - Antique Glass & Pyrex!

Hello All!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend and if you were caught up in any of that horrible storm on the east coast Friday night, here's hoping you're safe and sound and the electricity is back on!  We were lucky; our power went off/on several times but ultimately it hung in there and stayed on.  Our cable didn't make it through - which took out our phone and internet - but that's nothing compared to being without power.  

Dan and I decided not to go to Richmond and try out a flea market and a few thrifts we heard about in Thornburg.  Of course, if we head south on 95, there's no passing up our GW outlet :)  We started there with these finds:

These cute little cordials were inside a wine box.  I guess that's kinda appropriate, right?  I haven't identified them yet but they look very similar to Webb Corbett crystal.  I love the wafer stem and ribbed bowls.  Next up,

Two iridescent champagne flutes!  I never pass up iridescent glasses when there are more than one and especially when I find them at the outlet.

How is this for random - 

A cloisonne praying mantis.  I have never thought about needing a glass and metal praying mantis - or any kind of bug, actually, but I think this is soo cool!  I'm going to touch up his gold legs & antennae but isn't he neat? Glass and metal seemed to be the theme for the finds at the outlet:

A silver plate and two brass candlesticks.  All of them detach at the base (for storing?) and the silver one also unscrews at the top.  I thought it was so you could make it shorter but the top doesn't fit the base.  Anyone know why they come apart like that?  

That was it for the outlet and at 59 cents a pound, I didn't even have to break a $10 bill :)  Next, I popped over to the GW retail and found these:

I have been looking for a glass old school juicer and not only did I find a beautiful green one, I found a heavy-duty one too!  They $2 each.  

Next, this jardiniere -

A 1978 Indiana Glass crystal diamond point jardiniere (a.k.a. planter) with ruffled edge - $1!  In keeping with my glass obsession, I nabbed this beauty:

12" Anchor Hocking pineapple pattern candle shade & stand - $6.  I love this!  It's absolutely perfect - no chips or anything.  That was all for the GW retail.

We headed out to the "Manor Mart" flea market in Thornburg.  It was pretty hot outside but this flea is partially indoors so we could check out a few tables outside and then head inside to cool down.  I found this dish outside.  It was on an old table, filthy and with rain water:

The shape did me in.  It's really unusual and other than missing the knob (which was a very clean break!) it's in good condition.  I was delighted to find this is a McKee Brothers Keystone pattern lidded compote.  The  date on this piece is 1897-1902!  I only paid $2 for it! LOVE finding antique glass!!

Next, I found this little dish - 

It's not marked but look how translucent it is!  It was $1.45.

Sooo, that wrapped up the flea market.  I would be willing to check it out again sometime.  Our last stop for the day was a shop advertised as an antique & thrift store, and auction house.  Cool.  We went in, looked around, found a lot of "antiques" --at least they were priced that way --we even checked out the auction preview room.  And as we were heading out of the preview room and back into the store, I looked over and saw these sitting in a shelf just inside the store:

Yes, I do believe in love at first sight.  Price tags can spoil it though and I held my breath while searching for the price tag.  Of course, the only tag I could find stated, "Lot 202".   That meant they weren't for sale.  But wait a tick, they weren't in the auction room so maybe they were for sale?  I didn't want my love affair with these to get squashed by a silly misunderstanding --you know, like the ones in every Rom Com where there's some slight miscommunication that drags out until the last few minutes of the movie.  Dan tracked down someone to resolve the dilemma.  As it turns out, all items in the store first make their way through the auction house.  If they're not bid on, they are moved out to the store to sell.  The dishes were for sale!  We finally got to the good part.  The price was $45...and...for the perfect ending to my Rom 20% OFF = $36 - for 4 dinner plates, 4 tea cups, 4 saucers, and 3 salad plates. SOLD to the lady with the silly grin and starry eyes.   I ran to my beautiful Pyrex turquoise banded dishes and wrapped my arms around them and we'll live happily ever after.

The End.  ;)

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Have a wonderful July 4th! <3 Lisa


  1. What a find - Pyrex dishes!! Lucky you!!

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  5. What a lot of gorgeous treasures! Especially the beautiful turquoise!

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