Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Moonstone, Mad Men & A Killer Sale at GW Outlet!

Hello Everyone!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend.   I am a little behind with my post because Dan and I have been re-doing the home office over the long weekend but we saved Saturday for thrifting :)   We hit the GW outlets, SALVO and Class & Trash.   The outlet was having a sale -- 39 cents/lb on glass!  I don't have these in order so I notated below the photos what's what :)  I have another coat of paint to go and then we'll be finished with painting part of the re-do but I really wanted to join in the thrift parties too so I'll just be brief with the commentary - LOL!

1970s, 12" Ceramic Ghost/Pumpkin light, outlet

Home and Garden Party Terracotta Pumpkin, outlet

 6 Anchor Hocking Moonstone (1942-1946) water goblets, thrift store

 Anchor Hocking heart-shaped Moonstone bon bon dish with a single handle from Class & Trash, $10

Anchor Hocking Wexford (1967-1998) water goblets, 4 from the outlet  - SALE! 39 cents/lb

Mad Men silver fade tumblers, excellent condition - 4 of them, outlet

Cambridge Glass Caprice (1940-1958) cream and sugar bowl from Class & Trash,$10

Boopie or Bubbles sherbet glasses, I bought 2 for $1, SALVO

Josef Originals, Birthday Girl (1960) $2, GW

Josef Originals, The Little Pianist (1959), $4, GW

Westmoreland Glass, pink satin English hobnail 8" trumpet vase (1928-1950), $1 GW

Adorable handmade knitted octopus, outlet

Assortment of 20 crocheted *gorgeous* doilies, outlet

Sun Hill Industries, 1981 shelf sitter elves, Department 56 Christmas plaque and an unmarked but totally cool snowball candle --all the outlet

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Ok, I'm heading back into the home office for the final coat of paint - woo hoo!  Have a great week :)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Lots of Vintage Thrift Firsts!

Thank you to Cap Creations for featuring my nifty Siesta Ware mugs  this week! Woo hoo!

Hello Friends!

 It is so good to know that there are others that do a little justifying when it comes to thrifting.  There is always inner dialogue going on in my head when I'm looking for my next treasure.  Do I need it or do I just want it, where will it go, how will I use it...sometimes it's about something I'm looking at that I remember from a long time ago.  The rational side argues with the sentimental side about whether or not I just enjoy the nostalgia or if bring home with me.  Then there are times when I see something that is so totally cool or different or fun, there is no argument at all.  *** How about that for a segue into my thrifty finds this week?  LOL!  ***

My first vintage purse!  A '60s or early '70s Tolin Manufacturing Co. suitcase purse ($3).

The scarf in the pic is something I bought a long time ago and when I saw this purse, I immediately remembered it and pulled it out for the photo shoot ;)  I thought it would look adorable tied to the handle:

This superb pick came from the Salvation Army store (or as it is affectionately called, the SALVO).  I love the color blocks - won't this be wonderful for Fall!?

Here is another first for me - Furniture:

I Craigslist all the time but haven't had much luck at the thrifts for furniture but this was $40 at Salvo.  It's a telephone table but I think it fits perfectly in the study!  I am going to recover the seat and try to make it a little more padded.

I love the carved flower.  This is something I liked the moment I saw it and was delighted when Dan was just as interested.  Luckily it fit in our little economy car; sometimes we drive the SUV when we go picking but we didn't have any CL stops and I didn't expect to even look at furniture, let alone find something - which is exactly why we did - LOL!

I found some glassware at Salvo also.  I'm always on the lookout for vintage glass - it's in my blood, there's no fighting it.

This is reproduction piece so it's from the 70's (and not late 20's - early 30s) but it's still Indiana Glass and it's their pineapple and floral depression glass pattern in PINK.  I don't care if its repro as long as it's not being passed off as the "real" thing and for a dollar it really wouldn't matter either way ;)

Do you watch Mad Men?   We have only recently started watching and have a couple more seasons until we've caught up with the current season but we are really into it!  So imagine my joy finding this:

A silver-rimmed ice bucket and two fade roly poly glasses!  Neither are marked so I'm not sure who they are made by but each glass was 59 cents and the ice bucket was $1.29.  The tray they are setting on came from the outlet - it's a weird, albeit mahogany, porthole mirror but I have now re-purposed it to serve up Mad Men drinks (just for two for now)  LOL!

The outlet was next.  It's always worth going to but I thought it exceptional this weekend.  There was a ton of stuff and most still had their yard sale stickers on them.  That's the coolest thing about the outlet - it's like going to 10 yard sales without having to map quest all the locations :)  Here's the haul:

The cheese grater is marked Michigan City, Indiana. This is cool because I grew up in Indiana and there's a big, ol' outlet mall in Michigan City that my sis and I have been to (for after-Christmas sales!)  The Campbell's soup shakers are not in the best shape but since they are teetering on the edge of being vintage ('93) I'm going to try to clean them up.   I <3 The vintage egg beater!  It's by Taplin Mfg. Co. (circa 1940's) The biscuit cutter isn't marked so I don't know how old it is.  The metal lids are so freakin' cool.  The centers are ceramic (there's an image on the underside which is curious to me) and they are stamped "Germany".  I wondered if they were actually coasters?  I'm using them as lids on my Mason jars.

This next little vase is kinda strange - I love quirky:

Look at those little feet!

This is marked INARCO, Cleve Ohio E-977 but I could ZERO info on it.  Whatevs, it belongs here now!

We are die hard Breaking Bad fans so it's crazy we didn't think to give Mad Men a try until now.  Have I mentioned we're HOOKED? LOL!  It's fun to see the way the '60s are portrayed and we get a bigger kick out of the props and all the egregious cigarette smoking!  Everyone smokes...and everywhere.  One episode showed Don smoking on a PLANE.  Anyway, I have no plans to take up the habit but this vinyl turquoise cigarette case can hold candy cigarettes --yes, I had to have it.  The eyeglass case is pretty interesting also - it's made of metal but covered with fabric!

My first Pyrex casserole dish and a Corning Ware trivet/holder:

It's in perfect condition and has a pretty brown lid!  The pattern is Orchard.  Another perfect thing for Fall!

The striped pitcher is super heavy and so bright and cheery!  I am not sure of the year or the maker.  The tiny little creamer is early American prescut glass (EAPC or EAPG) and was actually part of a child's play set.  I hope to own a whole set someday --these are the kinds of finds that keep me looking.

So the last stop for the day was the GW retail store.

These next two items were only $1 each.

The cup is great for taking my iced coffee on the go.  Juicy Couture.  $1.  I wear glasses.  'nuf said :)

My SECOND A-M-A-Z-I-N-G vintage purse find:

It doesn't have any tags so I couldn't track down the stats.  It's Chenille with a lovely pattern!  It's was $2.  The next items were $2 also:

Amber glass bowl, Nursery Rhymes, Tiara Exclusive by Indiana Glass (1970s).  It's part of a set --a mug, a 3-section divided plate and this.  It's another one of those sets I hope to complete someday.

1983 Home Interiors plastic shelf.  I've already painted it white and hang it in the sun room.

This is absolutely gorgeous.  It's heavy and smooth and the colors are rich and delish.  I am hoping it's Murano glass but without any markings, I have know idea how to tell.  I think it's an ashtray but it's so beautiful, it will reside here as a piece of art :)

Vintage ceramic vase.  It's marked R/B Japan.  It's simple and sweet.  I'm linking up!

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Happy Thrifting!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Another Richmond Thrift Trip!

Thank you bloggy friends for sharing your yard sales experiences!  It helped take the sting out of the whole experience and now I am even more convinced hosting them is not my thing :)  I hope you all had a lovely Mother's Day.  I was planning to have dinner out with Jenna on Sunday but she had to work so we moved plans to Monday night.  Now Dan and I had planned to go thrifting in Richmond on Saturday but he had to go out of town and didn't get home until very late Friday night.  I thought he might not be up for going since he'd traveled all week but he was looking forward to it also so we just went a little later in the morning. We had a ball!  This time, we hit a few antique malls which included thrift stalls.  These places are a blast.  I get to browse the antique stores and see and study the pieces of antique glassware that are out of my price range but shop the thrift places and find the vintage stuff I can afford :)  Of course, we stopped at the GW outlet first so I'll start with that.  It was pretty picked over but there were little treasures waiting just for me.  The housewares are 59 cents/lb.

Aren't these beautiful!?  It reminds me of the trim my Grandma had on her pillowcases.  It was actually my Grandpa who crocheted beautifully (he passed away when I was 7) and it's why I have such an appreciation of crocheted things :)

Melamine bowl with the three bears graphic and American Girl walking terrier pup w/leash.  I can't find any information on the bowl which is a bummer because if it really is the three bears, maybe there's a whole set to include Goldilocks...and if there is, I want it - LOL!  I have no reason for picking the little dog but I just couldn't leave him behind.  It's like he ran off from his owner with his leash dangling like that.  I am hoping to find him a forever home. ;)

If nothing else, my house will have the MOST Christmas decorations on the block. LOL!  I am finding that I love the "old world" Santa a lot.  This one is by Yankee Candle and it's ceramic with flocking and textured paint.  It's pristinely (I made that word up) white and is perfect - no stains, chips, or cracks.  The snowflakes are glittered-coated plastic.  That does it for the outlet finds.  Next we went to the "Family Thrift Shop" and here's what I found next:  Silver crest milk glass compote (or comport as I have come to learn):

A Westmoreland Glass milk glass lace bowl:

I want to put shelves up on either side of the 1900s mantel and display my milk glass.  It's on the "to do" list...we just have to start working the list :)   After the outlet, we decided to head over to the nearby Salvation Army.  Oh boy, am I glad we did!  Lookie at this:

a Burberry cashmere scarf *SWOON*.  I have wanted one of these for years.  I saw one at a designer outlet mall once and I actually got in line for the register to buy it.  But as I stood there, looking down at the $80 price tag, I lost my nerve and didn't go through with it *giggle*.  That one that got away was the "classic" scarf (12" x 68").  *THIS one is a scarf/wrap so it's 28" x 72"!  GET OUT!  I saw it on eBay for $280 BIN *gulp*---and the one I got was $2 - oh yeah, 2 Georgie Washingtons - *SQUEAL*  I am definitely looking forward to scarf season - if I wasn't worried about sweating on it, I'd wear it all through summer - LOL!

So, after the scarf, I figured I peaked for the day.  How could I top that?  Let me show you...

Next, we hit Class and Trash - an antique and thrift store.  It's fast becoming one of my favorite places.  It has all kinds of stuff - architecture salvage, furniture, glassware, etc.  The prices are incredible.  Here's what I couldn't leave without:

there's an inscription:

Hmmm, on December 25th 1881, Miss C.W. Branman was presented this lovely book of poems by her friend (what amazing  handwriting!) but UH OH!  OH SNAP, Miss Branman S-C-R-R-R-A-tched that name OUT!  Victorian scandal! Oh if this book could talk!  Seriously, my jaw hit the floor when I saw the date - 131 years old - and the price was $10 -- only 7 cents for each year this book has seen.  Mine. mantel.

I have been looking at vintage (silver plate) silverware patterns online for awhile now.  I want a set for special occasions but I hadn't decided on a pattern.  I figured I would leave it to chance.  Class and Trash had a couple jars full of silver plate utensils so I went through it all and I'm happy to show you what I've decided on.  They were sorely tarnished and I polished them.  Once I could see the design and mark, I looked them up.  I paid $1 a piece:

1847 Rogers Bros. silver plate in the Louvain pattern (1918-1940).  I'm pretty sure there was a fourth fork but at the counter, I only had 3.  At the time, I really didn't want to go back through all of it again but I'm wishing I would have.  Oh well, the hunt begins for other pieces, what's one more fork?  Ha!  Since we were in Ashland, we thought we'd go into the town as we had been told there were more antique/thrift stores.  We found Ha'Penny antiques/vintage and popped in.  I'm so glad we did.

I am loving the iridescent glassware from Federal Glass Company and this gorgeous snack set was only $18.  I think it's 1960s.  

That's all for the weekend finds but on Thursday night I popped into Two Times New and spied this treasure - a 1961 Holt Howard Cozy Kitten, salt shaker.  It was $19.   She is in very good condition, has the cork, but the little box inside to make a meow sound no longer works.  OK, confession time.  I couldn't bear her to be without her counterpart, so I spent an additional $13 and bought the pepper shaker from eBay.  It's kind of cheating but I thought it was kismet that someone had only the boy shaker for sale when I only had the girl shaker - so I had to reunite them (yes, I tell myself anything I need to - LOL!)  

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What did you find?

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Thrifting - The Other Side

This past weekend, our neighborhood hosted a community-wide yard sale.  Dan and I decided this was the perfect opportunity to clean out the basement and get rid of some of the furniture we replaced when we redecorated the first floor.  I thought it would be fun...it really wasn't much fun...at all.  I much prefer the thrill of the hunt over being the hunting grounds - LOL.  And we thought it would be cool to price things the same as the Goodwill outlet...but people still wanted to negotiate prices...and a few actually harassed me over pricing.  One lady got her panties in a twist over a doorknob set we were selling for a quarter - twenty-five cents!  It had all the pieces and in perfect condition and the lady wanted it for a DIME.  She TOLD me she WAS buying it for dime (umm, yeah, she didn't) but the whole experience was pretty much like that.  There were a few lovely people throughout the day that kept me going but I'm going to stick to thrifting and donate my stuff instead of selling it :)  Now, even though we spent a large part of the weekend with the yard sale, Dan and I managed to sneak in a mini-thrift ;)  Here is what I found:

A set of 4 Siesta Ware satin pastel glass tapered mugs (1950s).  I love the colors!  And they are in very good condition.  The handles could use a little something --stain?  polyurethane? --they are dry and faded but the glass is perfect.  These next finds were pretty exciting for me -

9" Brody textured milk glass vase and (unmarked) 9" plain milk glass vase with crown.  I really like the rumply-bumply look of the Brody vase; I think it will look great in a winter vignette because it reminds me of snow.  The plain milk glass vase with the crown is the first I've seen like this and it's simple but elegant.

Look at this cheeky little fella!  A clear glass teapot - I love it.  I need to start drinking tea ASAP ;)  And the neatest trivet (?) EVA.  I will apologize in advance for this next pic but I couldn't NOT take it -

I know - totally gratuitous Lily pic but a Cat Tao glass marked "bad cat" made it impossible to resist.  She didn't enjoy my irony either -- her tail is all swishy and that look...I plied her with snackies but when they were gone, she was too.  I'm disappointed to report that these glasses have been discontinued.  There was a set of four and all of them awesome.  I will certainly be keeping an eye out for the rest.  Moving on...a few more Christmas finds this week -

The little ceramic owl is just stamped "Japan."  He's just adorable with his little Santa hat and sprig of holly!  The glass ornaments have such a pretty design and I loved the bell (there was only one that wasn't broken) so I fished them out of the bin.  And finally, the last few (CHRISTMAS) finds of the day:

and here's how I'll display them...ok, maybe not the handmade potholder but it's so pretty with these two:

I had the tiny lamp and was happy to find the shade fit!  The lamp usually sits on the credenza in the foyer --a place I like to decorate for the seasons/holidays.  The candle holder is by Department 56 - so cool to find this in a bin in its original box.

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So that's all for my treasures this week!  What have you found?