Monday, May 14, 2012

Another Richmond Thrift Trip!

Thank you bloggy friends for sharing your yard sales experiences!  It helped take the sting out of the whole experience and now I am even more convinced hosting them is not my thing :)  I hope you all had a lovely Mother's Day.  I was planning to have dinner out with Jenna on Sunday but she had to work so we moved plans to Monday night.  Now Dan and I had planned to go thrifting in Richmond on Saturday but he had to go out of town and didn't get home until very late Friday night.  I thought he might not be up for going since he'd traveled all week but he was looking forward to it also so we just went a little later in the morning. We had a ball!  This time, we hit a few antique malls which included thrift stalls.  These places are a blast.  I get to browse the antique stores and see and study the pieces of antique glassware that are out of my price range but shop the thrift places and find the vintage stuff I can afford :)  Of course, we stopped at the GW outlet first so I'll start with that.  It was pretty picked over but there were little treasures waiting just for me.  The housewares are 59 cents/lb.

Aren't these beautiful!?  It reminds me of the trim my Grandma had on her pillowcases.  It was actually my Grandpa who crocheted beautifully (he passed away when I was 7) and it's why I have such an appreciation of crocheted things :)

Melamine bowl with the three bears graphic and American Girl walking terrier pup w/leash.  I can't find any information on the bowl which is a bummer because if it really is the three bears, maybe there's a whole set to include Goldilocks...and if there is, I want it - LOL!  I have no reason for picking the little dog but I just couldn't leave him behind.  It's like he ran off from his owner with his leash dangling like that.  I am hoping to find him a forever home. ;)

If nothing else, my house will have the MOST Christmas decorations on the block. LOL!  I am finding that I love the "old world" Santa a lot.  This one is by Yankee Candle and it's ceramic with flocking and textured paint.  It's pristinely (I made that word up) white and is perfect - no stains, chips, or cracks.  The snowflakes are glittered-coated plastic.  That does it for the outlet finds.  Next we went to the "Family Thrift Shop" and here's what I found next:  Silver crest milk glass compote (or comport as I have come to learn):

A Westmoreland Glass milk glass lace bowl:

I want to put shelves up on either side of the 1900s mantel and display my milk glass.  It's on the "to do" list...we just have to start working the list :)   After the outlet, we decided to head over to the nearby Salvation Army.  Oh boy, am I glad we did!  Lookie at this:

a Burberry cashmere scarf *SWOON*.  I have wanted one of these for years.  I saw one at a designer outlet mall once and I actually got in line for the register to buy it.  But as I stood there, looking down at the $80 price tag, I lost my nerve and didn't go through with it *giggle*.  That one that got away was the "classic" scarf (12" x 68").  *THIS one is a scarf/wrap so it's 28" x 72"!  GET OUT!  I saw it on eBay for $280 BIN *gulp*---and the one I got was $2 - oh yeah, 2 Georgie Washingtons - *SQUEAL*  I am definitely looking forward to scarf season - if I wasn't worried about sweating on it, I'd wear it all through summer - LOL!

So, after the scarf, I figured I peaked for the day.  How could I top that?  Let me show you...

Next, we hit Class and Trash - an antique and thrift store.  It's fast becoming one of my favorite places.  It has all kinds of stuff - architecture salvage, furniture, glassware, etc.  The prices are incredible.  Here's what I couldn't leave without:

there's an inscription:

Hmmm, on December 25th 1881, Miss C.W. Branman was presented this lovely book of poems by her friend (what amazing  handwriting!) but UH OH!  OH SNAP, Miss Branman S-C-R-R-R-A-tched that name OUT!  Victorian scandal! Oh if this book could talk!  Seriously, my jaw hit the floor when I saw the date - 131 years old - and the price was $10 -- only 7 cents for each year this book has seen.  Mine. mantel.

I have been looking at vintage (silver plate) silverware patterns online for awhile now.  I want a set for special occasions but I hadn't decided on a pattern.  I figured I would leave it to chance.  Class and Trash had a couple jars full of silver plate utensils so I went through it all and I'm happy to show you what I've decided on.  They were sorely tarnished and I polished them.  Once I could see the design and mark, I looked them up.  I paid $1 a piece:

1847 Rogers Bros. silver plate in the Louvain pattern (1918-1940).  I'm pretty sure there was a fourth fork but at the counter, I only had 3.  At the time, I really didn't want to go back through all of it again but I'm wishing I would have.  Oh well, the hunt begins for other pieces, what's one more fork?  Ha!  Since we were in Ashland, we thought we'd go into the town as we had been told there were more antique/thrift stores.  We found Ha'Penny antiques/vintage and popped in.  I'm so glad we did.

I am loving the iridescent glassware from Federal Glass Company and this gorgeous snack set was only $18.  I think it's 1960s.  

That's all for the weekend finds but on Thursday night I popped into Two Times New and spied this treasure - a 1961 Holt Howard Cozy Kitten, salt shaker.  It was $19.   She is in very good condition, has the cork, but the little box inside to make a meow sound no longer works.  OK, confession time.  I couldn't bear her to be without her counterpart, so I spent an additional $13 and bought the pepper shaker from eBay.  It's kind of cheating but I thought it was kismet that someone had only the boy shaker for sale when I only had the girl shaker - so I had to reunite them (yes, I tell myself anything I need to - LOL!)  

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What did you find?


  1. I loved reading about your kitty shaker. I saw a twine holder that looked very similar at the Brimfield show over the weekend. I'm going to assume it was by the same maker. $65 was too much for me since it seemed so fragile and I would have been tempted to hang it on my wall and use it!!

  2. Thrifting is so much fun.. I love a good bargain. Beautiful things.
    love your blog..

  3. The story of the Holt Howard kittens is sweet and it seems like a reasonable deal as I know it can go for crazy prices. Amazing find with the Burberry scarf-- I've bought several cashmere scarves at Salvation Army for $1 but never a Burberry!

  4. Visiting from Kathe with an E's party. You found some amazing things! Burberry for $2? Really! Love your HH kitty S & P's too. Come visit me, I'm having a vintage linen giveaway you'd probably like! I'm a new follower, lovin' your blog.

  5. Hi Lisa!

    Wow... you sure have this second hand thrifting fine tuned, and you got some really great treasures! I totally understand about reuniting those kitties...

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Wednesday's Bunny Hop Party!

  6. Back to look at your finds again. I found my first pieces of milk glass at an estate sale a few weeks ago. Yours is lovely. Thanks for being my newest follower and I am now following you.......

  7. Wow! What great finds!! I love how you justify, just like I do LOL, paying a little more for something because you HAVE to have it! Burberry for $2.00?? Can't beat that at all! Thanks so much for linking up at the party this week! I can't wait to see what you share next!

  8. Would you consider selling the bowl with the Three Bears? I had that bowl as a child and my mom would sing me a song when she fed me from it! I now have a 3 month old and am looking for exactly that bowl to have for her! Please email me at and let me know if you'd consider selling it and for how much, thanks so much!