Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Minnie Mouse and Antique Furniture

Holy Cow.  It's the end of March.  I've been MIA :(  But I do have some things to show you!  First, my sis asked me to make some invites for her for a friend of hers.  Her daughter, Taylor, is turning 2 and she likes Minnie so I made these:


Then I made 30 little faces:

For the tops of clear favor boxes:

Now I'm finishing the banner!  I haven't taken on any other crafting requests because I am trying my hand at reupholstering.  Dan and I are working on a Bergere chair we got for $10 (the wing back chair in the background is in decent shape and I am intimidated to try reupholstering it until I have more experience).  The Bergere chair is in rough shape and I figure anything done to it would be an improvement:

This is the other project -- this Victorian beauty.  It was already like this so I guess someone was going to try recovering it.  I'm going to have to paint it as some of the wood is in pretty rough shape.  Doesn't it exude character!?

Look at the gorgeous detail:

We also found this sweet vintage china cabinet:

I am not certain where to put it but when I saw this:

FIRE SALE!  75 smackeroos means that I will FIND a place for it :)  I love the detail on it:

So pretty!  It came from Two Times New a few weeks ago.  But two weeks ago at B Thrifty,

I saw this for 50% off ($20):

 Particularly this:

Plus the caning is in perfect condition.  It came home with me too.  At the same thrift, (and at 50% off) we bought an antique bed:

It's in spare bedroom which doubles as the "hoarder room" but that's going to change, thanks to this sweet bed!  Look at those pretty little curves and those legs!  I am going to try to refinish this (rather than paint it) only because it is in pretty decent condition and the wood is so pretty.

The new (to us) furniture is great motivation to paint and it's so fun to look at colors and combinations --even differ room lay-outs!  I haven't finalized the wall color yet but I already have the bedding and the mattress.  I figure that will help me make a final decision on wall color, etc.

So that's what's been happening here; what have you been up to?

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