Sunday, January 11, 2015

Top 10 Thrift Finds of 2014

Hello All,

This is the part of bringing in a new year that's light and fun--looking over the past year and highlighting the best finds!  Here they are in no particular order:

1.  All Glass Chandelier

It wasn't much to look at when I brought it home...

but a good cleaning and new wiring, paint, and crystals turned it into the swoon-worthy swan it was meant to be:

2.  Cranberry Flashed Punchbowl, 12 cups and ladle

This set is incredible.  The flashing is perfection.  I see cranberry flashed glassware A LOT but NEVER in this amazing condition.  I am totally convinced this arrived at the thrift store in its original packaging and it was opened and unpacked for the first time.  How sad that it's debut was a sit-in on the shelf at the thrift store!  Thank goodness I found it so that it could realize it's destiny as the focal point of a holiday party buffet table :)!  Those little footed punch cups do me in every. time.  $15

3.  Johnson Brothers Blue Willow enamel on steel whistling tea kettle

This tea kettle is a treasure!  From the little bird handle to its wonderful train whistle sound, it makes me drink tea just so I can use it -- LOL!  $4

4.  Eastlake Victorian mirror

I took the day off from work on my birthday just to go thrifting and I swear, it was like a surprise party set up just for me!  This mirror was one of the many amazing finds from that day.  I am totally convinced the day was divinely orchestrated because the things I found were incredible --not only are they exactly the kind of things I love, the prices were ridiculous!  It's funny too, because I had been neglecting the architectural section of the thrift store.  Since I had the day off and could leisurely peruse the whole store, I decided to check it out.  That's when I found this mirror.  I wasn't sure where it would go...and then I just knew it belonged here:

The wall at the end of my the dining room table!  It's like it was always meant to be there :)
It was $30.

5.  Crystal box with tiny key

This is another birthday find!  I love this heavy glass box with all the ornate details, including the tiny perfect key!  It was $4.50.

6.  Hazel Atlas Pink Crinoline luncheon set

This is THE birthday find of the day!  See what I mean about the divine intervention!?  One does not just "find" a near-perfect set of HA pink crinoline for $19.99!  God is good :)

7.  Antique cranberry glass tray and tumblers

Dan and I were in a hospice thrift shop in Winchester, Virginia, when I found the glass tray.  There is the slightest evidence that the rim of the tray was gold as was a delicate pattern in the center of the tray.  The glass is wavy and such a beautiful color!  A week later, we had gone back to Winchester and I found the glasses at an SPCA thrift!  The glasses also have evidence of a gold rim and decoration and because the color is so close to that of the tray, I'm convinced they go with the tray :)  I paid $4 for the whole set.

8. Rattan sea horse

This simple little sea horse makes me crazy happy.  I haven't come across anything like him.  I just love him!  He was also a find from my Birthday thrift trip for $1.50.

9.  Pie crust table

This little table is enchanting to me.  I have no idea of it's age or who made it, etc., but the detail in the construction blows my mind.  It was $30.

10.  Glass globe and sea horse stand

This is one of those finds that, at the time I picked up them up, I had no idea how they would be used or where they would go.  I didn't find them together.  The stand was $1 find from one thrift shop and the glass globe (also $1) from another.  When the craft room was ready for accessories, I was shopping the house for ideas and came across the stand.  I remembered the glass globe and viola!  a favorite display was born :)

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  1. Wow, wow and wow! I want to know where you are thrifting! What fabulous finds and so different than what I find in my area. I thought I found some good stuff, but yours is over the top good! Love them all but I have to say my favorite is the glass globe and stand.

    1. LOL - I know, right?! The thrifting grounds are pretty great here in Northern Virginia :)

  2. You have convinced me that Birthday thrifting is the best day! Love all your finds, but my heart skipped a beat on the pink pyrex dishes! Oh my! My best finds of 2014 didn't come close to yours!

    1. Yes I am a believer! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that gorgeous pink ruffle! Overall, 2014 was a stinker year but when it came to thrifting, it was golden :)

  3. first the mirror was my favorite (stunning!) and then i saw that glass box (so unique!) but then you showed us the seahorse and i lost my heart!

    1. Thank you! That simple and unusual little sea horse makes me smile every time I see him :)

  4. Well first off, what I can see of your home, it is beautiful! And I can't beleive the finds! The HA lunch set it just precious and I love the cranberry glasses and trays. Just beautiful. Everything really, the seahorse stand, glass globe, I love all of it!!

    1. You are such a dear - thank you! Thrifting is such a thrill! Some days, not much to see and then sometimes, you know you're in the zone because there are treasures everywhere. I just can't imagine "regular" shopping could ever be as fun as that :)

  5. your punch bowl was a steal! the lowest priced i have found is 65.00 without the ladle!

    1. OMGosh thank you for that information! I thought $15 was a great deal because the flashing was in such good condition and was surprised to see it had the ladle. Woohoo, even better of a find now :)