Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Home Office Reveal!

Dan and I have finished the home office!  Well, "finished" is a subjective term LOL!  There are a few things I'm still planning to add, a translucent acrylic desk chair, a few Expedit shelf accessories and wall art.  But those things will take some time; I'm hoping I will be able to thrift some of it :)  But, in the meantime, the room is looking pretty put together. 

I apologize - there are no "before" pictures except for this odd pic - which was actually a mistake - but at least it shows the colors it used to be:

and this one which was actually taken of the telephone table we thrifted a couple weeks ago:  It's now going to be relocated:

Please, come in and take a walk around the room with me :)

The glass door was one of the first things Dan and I installed when we moved in in October 2005.  Right inside the door is this picture:

I bought it from Target (this past March).  It reminded me of a used book store Dan and I used to frequent.  Once inside, and to the left, is the tufted love seat:

The love seat came from Overstock.  I have to say, it was a BEAST to assemble and at one point, we were ready to throw in the towel but I'm glad we hung in there.  The gorgeous pillows came from Etsy store LillieDDesigns --

These were the cornerstone of the color choices.  Oh they are beautiful and vibrant and it was specifically the peachy-melon colors that sealed the deal :)  The rug is from Ikea:

And the main focal point in the room came from Ikea too:

The Expedit shelves ---<3  Dan built a base out of 2 x 4s to raise it above the baseboard.  He then installed a wood strip at the top of the unit and installed these to the underside of the strip:
DIODER 4-piece light strip set IKEA Can be connected together (up to 4 pieces) in a straight line or L-shape.

Once he secured the shelving unit to the wall; I began filling the cubbies :)  It's not exactly how it will be; a few Expedit accessories will be added to the bottom row of shelves.  The desk will hold a lap top and a printer:

A Lucite desk from CB2 was in the original plan but at $379, I went on search for a less expensive alternative.  These came from WalMart.  There were $50 each and shipped right to my door for FREE.  Next, the light.  I wanted a glitzy chandelier; Dan didn't.  This fixture bridged the gap:

Thank you Overstock!  I'm totally in love with it.

And last, but certainly not least, the paint colors.
8 oz. Dusty Miller Interior Paint Tester  Glidden Dusty Miller and 8 oz. Natural Almond Interior/Exterior Paint Tester Behr Natural Almond

So there it is!  We're on to the next (knuckle bump) LOL!  <3 Lisa


  1. Aunt Lisa it looks great!! I love the way everything comes together! The colors are very pretty as well hope you are having a great weekend! Hope to talk to you soon!
    Lauren :)

    1. Thank you sweetheart! It's crazy how a change in paint can make such a big difference :) It would be a really nice place to do homework, wouldn't it (wink wink) - LOL! Love you too!!!

  2. Now, that's an odd yet interesting kind of desk chair (or telephone table rather). Hehe. Thanks for sharing these ideas. :)