Monday, June 4, 2012

This Week's Thrifty Finds, a little DIY and Minnie Mouse too!

I am so excited about my glass finds this week I could burst!  But before I get to the thrifting, I wanted to answer the questions about my glass finds from my post last week.  Thank you for the comments and questions - I love being able to talk with you and answer questions, etc.

Yes, the AH Wexford water goblets, Mad Men tumblers, ghost light and terracotta pumpkin came from the outlet.  The set-up in the Richmond outlet is wayyyy better (at least from a glass-junkie's perspective) versus the GW outlet in Fredericksburg ("ours").  Richmond puts their housewares in shallow, heavy duty plastic bins that are lined up (side-by-side) on long tables.   The stacking within the bins is minimal since they are shallow and they do try to group things --plates on plates, cups on cups, etc.  Our GW outlet has their housewares in shopping carts and since the carts are much deeper, there is balancing acts going on in there.  Still, I have pulled some amazing things out of those Jenga-like stacked carts :)
Unfortunately, this week our outlet was kind of a bust.  I did manage to find this green satin glass compote (by Indiana Glass).  Even though I didn't find a lot, I liked this piece because they look great mixed in with my milk glass collection. So, after paying pennies for the compote, it was time to head over to the retail side of GW *and* little did I know...

I was about to score the oldest piece glass I have found to date...

(cue dramatic music:  DUN DUN DUN...)

Look at this beauty:

A Bryce Brothers, Higbee & Company, CIRCA 1890, glass vase, in the hard-to-find pattern called, "opposing pyramids."  Woo-freakin'-hoooo!!!  Look at the bubbles!:

*LoVe*  Isn't it awesome?  It's so heavy; I can see how it's survived 100+ years.   It was $1.99.  Crazy.  Cool.  Find.  For a glass geek anyway :)

This next piece is antique also!

This is a 1907 Indiana Glass compote in a pattern called "Okay" (it's also referred to as "snowflake base").  Here's why:

The pattern is only in the bottom of the bowl - isn't it simple and pretty?  That's why I liked it.  It was also $1.99.

Call me quirky, but this next vintage find is just so funny and cute:

He's a thermal carafe!  See his handle?

Hee hee...That's adorable.  Thermal Penguin carafe by Metrokane (1980), $3.  He housed my coffee from this morning until I could grab a cup.  He did a very admirable job :)   I would like to host a tea party with this dapper little fellow.  He'll serve the tea and I will serve...  -   wait for it    - **** Hostess Sno balls ****  get it?  'cause he's a penguin and lives in snow-covered, cold places...  anyone with me? LOL!  I warned you I was quirky.  ~moving on~

I had to get crafty with my next sweet find.  A 1961 Holt Howard Christmas angel AT GOODWILL!  I just can't get over it.

You see, her little (right) wing was broken.  I try to walk away when something is badly damaged, but the 99 cent price tag --oh and the fact that it was HOLT HOWARD at GOODWILL -- made it easy to decide to give fixing it a try.  Believe it or not, Crayola model magic (white) did the trick!  I formed a wing, let it dry overnight and glued it on.  It worked great except that the color of the clay on the prosthetic wing (*giggle*) didn't blend with the ceramic one.  So...I glittered 'em :)  I used fast dry, clear glue and Doodlebug white sugar glitter.

You can tell the right wing is a little thicker than the other but look at that sweet face!  I love that she holds a match AND a candle!

Isn't she darling!?

I found a couple more cute vintage things at GW.  A metal mail/key holder (79 cents) which will get a makeover and go in the study:

and a 1950s pink (plastic) powder dish (99 cents) which is going to sit on my vanity.  I'm going to get a pretty and luxuriously poufy powder puff for it too :)

After GW we headed to Salvo.  Here's what I got there:

Is this a Pyrex pattern?  The dish doesn't have any markings :(  It does look brand new though and the colors are fantastic for my kitchen ($2).

I see these a lot but never in such beautiful condition ($2.50).  They were only slightly tarnished and no pitting or scratches!  They were actually simple to polish compared to some of the silver plate I've brought home.  They were made by Leonard Silver Company.

I have finally succumbed to the starburst decoration phenomenon.  I've seen them everywhere - EVERY WHERE and all. over. Pinterest.  But Salvo had this vintage metal mirror on a stand for $3 which made resistance futile:

I got my DIY on again since one of the rods fell out and 2 were missing.  I heated up the ol' hot glue gun, cut a couple wooden shish kabob skewers to size:

glued them in and now it's ready for some paint:

I first thought I would spray it ORB but now I'm thinking silver...I will have to decide once the shelves are up in the study.

Another piece of vintage glassware:

Duncan Miller divided nut dish, "teardrop" line introduced in 1936 and produced until 1955 for $1.  And finally - this awesome jar:

I love the wire and bail on it and the bubbles!  I'm hoping this is antique too but I haven't finished reading about how to date it (this website, Historic Bottle Resource, is really informative).  So those are my treasures this week :)

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Just one final little tidbit - kind of a "sneak peek" ;)  I have been working on invitations for a 3 year-old's Minnie Mouse Birthday party and here is what I've made for the invitations:

I used my Cricut and the Mickey & Friends cartridge.  I'll share more deets when I've finished all the invites (they are due next week!).  I'm making a banner and party favors too but have a few more weeks to work on those but the invites have to go out ahead of time.

Have a great week! <3 Lisa


  1. Oh. My. Goodness!! You are the Queen of finding such fantastic glass pieces! Please send me some of your lucky dust in hopes I score just one single piece half as fantastic as what you found! I bow to you, Your Grace! See you at the party later ♥

  2. Can I just say WOW! You found some outstanding treasures. I have been to some thrifts where the glass items are just piled up in grocery carts. I just cringe because I know perfectly good stuff is going to get broken and it makes me sad.

    Again - great finds!!!

    1. you got lots of great things didnt you?! it is all fantastic. and i would have never guessed about your sweet angels wings, great job! thanks for joining us at cap creations.

  3. Greetings from Her Library Adventures blog party! I really Love the Holt Howard angel and how you repaired it. Fantastic! I had the green satin glass compote at one time years ago. Your Indiana glass is fabulous.

  4. Wow you found a ton of items. I have never seen that pattern before, not sure it is pyrex. Good luck finding out what it is. Great score on the sunburst mirror.

  5. Some fabulous finds! I've had some wonderful luck at Goodwill - just wish I lived nearer to one. I love the little HH angel - and you did a great job on her wings.

  6. I'm in love with Holt Howard pieces at the moment. Particularly the cats pieces. Love this angel you found. At Goodwill-fantastic.

  7. that baking dish and starburst mirror would FOR SURE have made it into my cart! amazing finds!

  8. I found the exact same starburst mirror on a stand at the GW (not broken) and I have been searching the internet for a few weeks now trying to find another one to hopefully find out when and where it was made and I have not been able to find anything even similar until now ! I got so excited but then there was no information about it. Do you know anything more about this Item ? please I have been going crazy trying to fig it out. Thank you !!!!