Sunday, January 1, 2012

So Long 2011... Well Hello 2012!

Happy New Year Friends!   I am excited for the "new" 2012 has the promise to bring!  2011 was not a banner year here at the Jackson house.  But, since focusing on the negatives is way too easy and totally unproductive, I'm going to snub my nose at them and focus solely on the positives I can take away from 2011!  I hereby declare this blog a "positives only" zone. ( Do you think the negatives feeling snubbed yet?)  Okay - sooo positives ---ah, here's one -- to deal with stress I have been painting every room in the house!  It started with the sun room (see it HERE) and, to date, I have painted the family room (and we re-did the fireplace, see it HERE), kitchen, powder room, dining room and all the ceilings too. ( I started the living room in 2011 but 2012 will claim its completion).  It's a welcomed change of scenery, freshens up the house beautifully and it was much needed.  win/win ;)   Dan has been right beside me with a paint sponge in hand ready to edge at a moment's notice (Thanks honey!)  If the cutting in is covered, I can load up the paint roller and roll, roll, roll!  My new year's resolution is just to keep painting...things are bound to get better and once they do, the house is going to be fabulous ;)

Another positive has been redecorating.  That should be fun, right!?  Not so much :(  Furniture shopping (*with the exception of my dining room table; that was kismet - and another positive!) has not been what I expected.  What with the high-pressure sell, the following --yes, actually tailing us-- around the showroom, coupled with sticker shock and ridiculous "finance package" offers; GAHHH, not fun at all.  I knew there had to be a better way.  Enter another positive = CRAIGSLIST!  I cannot believe I hadn't checked it out before.   I *love* curling up with my laptop and a cup of coffee to browse hundreds of items (at prices that don't require eating cup-of-noodles for the next year and a half) and envisioning all the possibilities!   Of course, I have stumbled upon the off item that was NOT as pictured; you know, it looks all sparkly and perfect, only to find out the pic was taken 10 years ago, two seconds after being delivered from the furniture store - LOL!  No biggie - I have no problem declining the offer under those circumstances :)  But so far, the instances of great finds far outweigh the crummy ones.   I understand that what makes a "great find" depends solely on what you're looking for so just for fun, here are my "top finds" and the inspiration behind them! (Prepare for positives overload!)

I am currently working on the Dining Room/Living Room and this buffet from Thrifty Decor Chick has been pinned on my "Dining Room" Pinterest (AH HA - PINTEREST, another 2011 positive!) board for quite some time.  I love the curvy lines and crystal hardware:

Inspiration Buffet from Thrifty Decor Chick
And here is my gorgeous buffet found on Craigslist for $125!  The hardware is different but those beautiful curvaceous lines are mine, all mine ;)  And... the possibility is there that I could refinish the piece and add crystal hardware (once I learn how to re-finish furniture *giggle*)

Here is the Inspiration Sofa I pinned from Yahoo photo search.  When I retrieved the pin, I was taken to and the price on this baby is $1900:
Inspiration Sofa from
And here is my Craigslist find - a darling Storehouse Velvet Sofa for $75.  I love that the feet on the sofa match the wood of  my dining chairs and table:

Here is the inspiration for arm chairs for the dining room.  I bought side chairs from Overstock but wanted different styled chairs for the head of the table.  I loved the wood frame but wasn't crazy about the fabric.  Plus this baby runs about $250 and I need two!

Inspiration Chairs -

And lo and behold,  I spied these arm chairs on Craiglist.  INCREDIBLE, beautiful all-wood frames and the fabric couldn't be more perfect  - $15 each for a whopping $30 total for both :)

This is my table & side chairs:

The dining room is technically finished but since it's combined with the living room, it is a little cramped right now since I moved the sofa in while we work on the mantel.  Which brings me to my most favorite find on Craigslist so far!  First, the inspiration ...

Dramatic fireplace inspiration from
Oh, that double mantel with the sky-high ceiling and the lovely, celtic knotted-looking mirror --so dramatic and beautiful!  Now, I don't have that kind of ceiling in my living room but luckily, the ceilings are high SO when I saw this amazing, 7 foot antique Victorian double mantel with mirror --and for $125 --well, it was definitely made for me :)  

Dan and I have been working steadily and the hearth is completed and it's mounted to the wall.  Here's a progress pic:

I am excited about the transformation and can't wait to show you but I have a bit more work before the reveal.  We're down to just finishing the trim work and painting the walls (which are only primed in the pic).

So there, negatives, you have been officially snubbed.  Friends, I wish you the best of everything in the New Year -- love, health, and happiness -- and may you find the treasures you seek (and don't forget to check Craigslist - Ha!).  Happy Crafting, <3 Lisa

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  1. Happy New Year, Chickie! WOW! Looks like you're hitting the jackpot with your fabulous finds! Your home is looking lovely and all the more because you've done it yourself. Best wishes for a fabulous 2012and giant hugs! xxD