Sunday, August 14, 2011

Beach a Room

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Hello Everyone!  I hope your weekend has been wonderful :)   I have been away from my craft room for a couple of weeks but not because I haven't been creating - I have been working on our sunroom.   To be able to show you the dramatic new look, I wanted to share what the room looked like "before," but after looking and looking through pictures I have of the house, I didn't have any of the way it looked once we moved in.  All I could find were these pics I took last October of these funny Halloween decorations I made for my porch where the focus isn't even on the room!

So - I apologize for such crappy pics but honestly, the yellow paint in there was so bright, it's a good thing I don't have more detailed pics - Ha!
The yellow paint was my idea and a bad one. I didn't get the shade I envisioned and went with an "oops" paint (paint that's been returned and marked down to $5/gal because someone else picked it and decided against it).  I thought I could make it work but I couldn't!  Then, we had problems with our doors leaking so the room was gutted and the floor redone - ah the perfect opportunity for a re-do - but I had lost confidence in my paint-picking abilities *giggle*.

Sunroom AFTER
I was also intimidated by the fact that the sunroom, kitchen, and family room are all pretty much one big great room, and needed a color scheme that would work for each room individually and together.

And here is what I have come up with!  I am using shades of brown - beige, chocolate, ginger - along with the color shown here which was inspired by my BG-10, cool shadow, copic marker.  I actually took the marker to Home Depot and matched the paint (Behr with primer, "Timeless Tale").  I re-painted the trim and the ceiling too.  The ceiling hadn't been painted before other than the contractor paint the builder used so it needed a couple coats.  UGH, my neck and shoulders are still crabby about that :)

I haven't put the blinds back up yet and I still have a couple of paint touch ups (evidenced by the painters tape marking a spot on the wall in pic 1!).  But after working so hard, I really wanted to see it all together.

The love seat/chaise lounge combo came from Ikea.  It has a machine washable cover - AWESOME - and it is super comfy.  Lily was lounging on it this morning so clearly I have her seal of approval ;)  The table and rug came from Ikea as well.  The rug is insanely luxurious!  It's fun to put your bare feet into - just like sand :)  The lamp and small white table came from Pier One and the small blue table & accessories came from TJ Maxx.

So the next project is a glass tile backsplash in the kitchen!  The colors in the tile are all part of my color scheme and I can't wait until it's finished!

Have a great week!  <3 Lisa


  1. SQUEAL! This is gorgeous! So happy that you shared with us - what a beautiful room!!!

  2. Oh wow I love your sunroom, it's beautiful, gosh what a great place to relax in!

  3. Oh Lisa your room make over is lovely! If I were a Copic marker I'd be BG10 or 11 :) lol.

    Your Doodle Pantry gift bag iis fabulous too, I wassn't sure where to stop for the comment today!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment, I can't wait to see photos of Denny! Please let me know when you post them :)

    Hugs, Jan

  4. love the new room!!