Friday, January 13, 2012

Another Craiglist SCORE - Teal Chairs!

Hello Everyone!  While Dan has been working on putting the trim around the mantel and hearth, I have been focusing on furnishings and decorating.  Since the walls are painted teal (Behr paint with primer in "Harbor"), I wanted to go with mostly neutral furniture but with teal accent chairs.

Here are my first inspiration pics.  But both of these were from the UK and sported a hefty price tag, even before shipping costs.

York Sherlock Tub Chair - $240

Medan Velvet Accent Chair - $305
So, I kept searching and found these in the US but still pretty pricey:

Inspiration #1
 Home - Hammond Armchair, $259 
and Inspiration #2:
Pier One - Isaac Swivel Chair, $399.95

It was looking like teal chairs were not possible in my budget...And then...lookie what I found last week on Craigslist:

SQEEEEE!!!   TWO!  TEAL!  ACCENT CHAIRS!  *Plus*  They are also VELVET - swoon!  And the deal-seal...100 bucks each!  Needless to say, I scooped these up and here they are in their rightful place...on either side of  my mantel:

They look like what you would get if my first inspiration chair married my second inspiration chair and then they had  babies - *giggle*.   Oh and you can see I have been playing around with other furniture I have.  I brought the brown ottoman down from the guest bedroom and think it looks great in here.  Lily agrees as this is where she likes to sprawl out on in what she is now convinced is HER room.  

Doesn't she look miffed!?  Or maybe it's indignation for interrupting her umpteenth nap of the day with camera flashes?  Oh she's such a diva :)  ha!

So, now wall decor and curtain panels top the list for things left to figure out for this room.  It will probably take a little time to get that completed because I'm shifting gears a bit because I have a wedding to help plan (for my bestie Rhonda!) and my parents' 50th wedding anniversary.  I'm also hosting a bridal shower and am really excited about sharing my plans for that!   

Happy Crafting! <3 Lisa

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  1. Wow, Lisa! Your room is really coming along beautifully! So glad I popped by to check on you. I'm thinkin' that you scored BIG!!! Great chairs for a gorgeous room! Thanks for sharing...