Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hellish High Heels

I am not sure I've posted more than one post in a day before but I'm a few posts behind and Halloween is 4 short hours away!  It's been such a busy month - I can't believe it's over tomorrow :( 

I couldn't resist making a pair of paper Halloween high heels using the template by Carlos N. Molina.  I made a couple modifications by making it a closed-toe shoe and the addition of the spider web strap.  Once I saw the cobweb on the October 31st Cricut cartridge, I knew I wanted it on my shoes; the same with the spider embellishments (brads by Creative Imaginations).  I sure wish I could get these in a Women's size 7 :)


  1. These are so HOT! I would totally wear them during Halloween! Thanks for sharing! :-)

  2. That is wicked!!! You did a fab job.

  3. Ohh My these are gorgeous. I love them.