Sunday, October 31, 2010


Happy Halloween Everyone! 

I don't like spiders.  I can handle mice and snakes - well not if they were in my house - but I don't like to see even pictures of creepy crawly spiders!  So it's funny to me that I would enjoy making these little beaded beauties!  I found instructions for them in the Better Homes & Gardens Special Publication Halloween 2010.  They were pretty easy and I had a lot of fun choosing different beads for their bodies and legs.  I put my own twist on them by varying the sizes and the bead combinations, along with putting the rhinestones eyes on each!    
They are going to hang in my doorway tonight to surprise unexpected Trick-or-Treaters.  Hmmmm, maybe that's how my phobia of spiders started!?   


  1. OMG!!! These are sooo stinkin' cute! I'm no spider fan either, but I lOVE these! xxD

  2. These are wonderful! I love them. I hate spiders too.