Sunday, October 28, 2012

Swedish Mora Clock and Thrifty Finds!

Well, we are battening down the hatches here and awaiting the arrival of the Frankenstorm.  The Federal Government has already closed along with dozens of schools in several counties.  High winds, periods of heavy rain and possible flooding is predicted for our area but so much worst for the coast.  Definitely a bit unsettling!  I decided to get a post up because I'm betting we will spend a few days without electricity... I will not be upset if I'm wrong about that - ha!

About a year ago, one of my favorite blogs, "Dear Lillie," posted pictures of her daughter's Pink Cinderella birthday party.  Not only did I love the darling decorations, I also fell in love with her Swedish Mora clock:

It's absolutely magical with this party theme but it totally works with her everyday decor.   And so began my obsession with these clocks :)  Authentic Swedish Mora clocks are very expensive and even some reproductions can be pricey.   I soon realized that it may be awhile before I'd own one.   I keep an eye out  while thrifting and check Craigslist often, etc.  No dice.  Ebay has a few but still too pricey.   Fast forward to Saturday, Dan and I were out running errands.  I stopped by HomeGoods to look for bathroom accessories for the master bathroom and look what greeted me just as I passed through the double automatic doors:

*SWOON*  As I walked toward it in utter amazement, Dan said, "Lis, there's your clock!"   It was $149.   I do try to be thrifty whenever possible but considering an authentic clock can be several thousand dollars, $149 seemed a bargain.  She (Mora sounds girly to me) is sitting~ahem, standing~ in our family room cause I love looking at it.

I thought it would be fun to share some of my Halloween-themed finds considering this may be my only Halloween fun this year what with Frankenstorm and all!

There's a witch thing going on in the Jackson house this year so when I spied this primitive and worried looking little witch jar, I knew she'd fit right in:

I love her expression!  She was 99c at GW.  This cast iron compote dish is pretty freaking cool:

It actually has a nautical figural them going on in there.  The stem is really awesome too:

It sits on the shelf next to the little witch and holds faux glass eyeballs :)  Speaking of eyes, how 'bout these "thousand eye" egg cups:

See how the hobnails have little bubbles inside?  Here's a closer look:

These are Westmoreland double-sided egg cups.  I paid $2 for each of them at GW.   This next find came from SALVO:

Vintage Viking owl fairy lamp, $1.  This was another one of those fortuitous finds.  I saw the chimney only and snapped it up; I knew what it was and wanted one.  I figured it was at the SALVO because it's bottom had been lost or broken.  Then, while perusing the glassware in another part of the store, I picked up a couple of mugs to look at them, and there was the bottom!  I did a little dance :)

This also made me dance:

A blackbird-in-a-pie pie vent, (99c at GW).  SHUT UP.  That does it  -  I am officially announcing that I am a pie vent collector.  That's right, I am collecting pie vents.  They will be able to retire as I have no intention of actually baking a pie but they are so. stinkin. cute.

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Have a great week and if you are on the East Coast - BE SAFE!!


  1. Your clock is gorgeous! And I love the pretty egg cups, very nice. Thank you for joining us at Cap Creations. Please be safe in that storm, I can't keep my eyes or shall I say ears off the news coverage. Praying for it not to be as bad as predicted.

  2. Wow awesome find on the clock! I've seen that style of clock but didn't know the term for it. Those egg cups are pretty cool! I like your witch jar and the owl! It's amazing how owls are everywhere this year. Good find!

  3. Wise (Owl) thrift finds, you have an eye for cool items

  4. Oh my! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new mora clock! I wish I could luck up and find one for that price. Even the repros are way higher. Thanx for coming to THT!

  5. I love your beautiful clock...and all the other great things you've found. The little pie bird is adorable...I only have one but I am officially announcing that I am becoming a pie bird collector, right along beside you. :)))
    Over from Kathe

  6. Oh wow, you found lots of awesome treasures! the clock is amazing and I love that cast iron piece! Thank you for sharing at TTF last week!

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