Monday, October 22, 2012

Antique Glass and Unicorns - The Stuff Perfect Thrifts Are Made Of!

Hi All :)  I am really excited because my ceramic Victorian boot makeover was featured at Cap Creations this week - WOOHOO!   This is the icing on the cake - Thank you Cap Creations!

So Dan and I were able to do some thrifting Saturday morning.   We found a Savers in Woodbridge and wanted to check it out.  I'm so happy we did because look at what I found:

I haven't been able to verify this yet, but I believe it to be a Bryce Higbee Teardrop row (1905) spooner.  I found this picture from this website: Reilly & Jenks Antiques of a child's mug in the same pattern:

And, I have a piece of Bryce Higbee in the opposing pyramids pattern (featured in this post):

Sooo maybe?  It's pretty exciting to think that it could be 100 years old! And there it was, sitting all humbly on the shelf at Savers.  The silver price tag stated the price was $5.  But, it was a silver tag so it was 50% off.  Awesome.

Next, I found this:

Vintage Fenton amberina dolphin candlestick - mint! - $3  Look at the color and detail on this piece:

Fiery gorgeousness yeah?  I had one more super find at Savers and it was this:

This pedestal for Lily.  It's really a cute table with a solid wood base.  The top is not so lovely so I'm hoping that I can replace it with something else - it was only $5!  We hit a few other thrift stores but didn't find anything else.  Our final stop for the day was our trusty Goodwill and found these:

Aren't they precious!?   They remind me of when I was young and had posters of unicorns all over my room!    I decided these would come home with me.   Darling vintage Enesco porcelain unicorns = 99c each; transporting myself back to the 80s = priceless.  The book was an extra treat.  It goes so well with the nostalgia :)

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Have a wonderful week!


  1. Great finds - I love that old glass.

  2. Congrats! I lovet he Thrifty Love link party. Well done.

  3. Nice stuff! Thank you so much for sharing on Perpetual Parades!