Monday, April 30, 2012

Richmond Thrift & Moonglow!

Dan and I found a new Goodwill outlet in Richmond and we headed out early Saturday morning to check it out.  It's bigger than ours and the housewares are organized far better.  The bins are shallow and there's lots of them so it's easy to shift dishes and other breakables to look around without breaking something else - Thank Goodness! - it causes me great anxiety to dig and hear all the crunching and cracking!  I found some really wonderful Christmas decorations.  Check this out:

I really like this Old World Santa!  He has such a kind face - guess Santa should, right!?  There are no labels or other markings to help me  identify where this may have come from.  It is very well made and I'm pretty sure the trim on his sleeves and hem is real fur!  He stands at 18" from the top of his head to the bottom of the wood base and his head and hands are ceramic (porcelain?).  He is missing something out of his right hand but all that's left is a glue.  I'm sure I'll be able to find something he can carry (bells maybe).  Other than that, there is nothing wrong with this decoration.  It was just laying in a bin.  I saw the fur edge first and have to admit, I was a little creeped out for a second because I wasn't sure if a varmit was lurking about - but no, it was just a fancy discarded Santa - LOL!  The clothing is very clean; there are no tears or pulls in the cape or tapestry fabric.  The wood base is a bit scratched but I figure it's from trying to survive the bins.  Here's a closer look at his face:

See - kind eyes and great beard!  Ok, in the bin next to Santa, I found this little darling:

Look at that sweet little face!  The label says "Hansa" and although I couldn't find his particular style number (9820) the newer ones retail for $45.  Good golly!  The pickin' was HOT!  Look at this --

1960s Josef Originals Christmas angel in perfect condition --even the identifying stickers are still firmly attached :)  When I fish something like this out of a bin, I feel like doing a touchdown, victory dance!  She's so darn cute.

So, now I've got a theme going here - Santa, toys, Christmas angel with figgy pudding -- and now, it's time to decorate the tree:

36 fancy ornament hooks and three delectable mercury glass cupcakes...or possibly ice cream cones? The tag  says "sugar plums."  Which reminds me of the "Night Before Christmas," when "not a creature was stirring, not even a ...

... vintage (1960s) blow mold flocked big-eared mouse.  Hee hee!  There is a little wear right around the edges of his ears but it just adds to his character.  So, to conclude the Christmas theme here - let's not forget the reason for the season:

I'm guessing this was a kit?  I can't find anything like it -- well, that's not accurate, I can find ceramic lighted churches but this one has an iridescent glaze and "stained glass" windows!  Try as I might to capture it's shimmery pearly gorgeousness, it just kept coming out white :(  Again, it's in perfect condition - zero chips, cracks, or otherwise.  This will absolutely be displayed in my dining room at Christmas because it will match my BEAUTIFUL new (to me!) table settings.  These didn't come from the outlet.  I bought them from eBay and Etsy and the plates just arrived today!  Look at these BEAUTIES:

I am in HEAVEN!  They are Federal Glass Company Moonglow dinner plates (early 70s).  The dessert cups are also Federal Glass Company but they are from the 1930s and are Depression glass fluted sherbet dishes <3  I did NOT fish these out of the bins at the outlet either - I found them in a fantastic little thrift and antique shop called "Class & Trash" in Ashland, Virginia.  We stopped in on our way home from Richmond (...and it's going to be on the agenda every trip to Richmond!).  They were very reasonably priced ($6 each) and are perfect!

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  1. that ceramic lighted church is just so lovely!

  2. So many wonderful finds! Your home will be totally decked out come next Christmas! Happy May Day!
    dee dee

  3. I love that little Christmas Angel! And the church and the Santa, actually I guess all the Christmas things! And you are right about the kindly and friendly look on the Santa's face...I've seen too many scary looking ones but this guy looks nice! You really scored! You wouldn't be talking Richmond, Texas, would you?

    1. Thank you Crystal! I'm with you - I've seen many scary Santas and hadn't even considered purchasing one and when I pulled this guy out of the bin, I was struck how not scary he looked - LOL :) I was in Richmond, Virginia --there's a huge Goodwill Outlet and loads of thrift stores so it's a real fun day trip :)

  4. AWESOME I love thrift store finds!!

    Steph at

  5. Wow, You found some gems! Beautiful...

  6. Beautiful finds! I can't say no to anything Christmas and especially Santas. Yours Is divine. Into my cart he would have went no questions asked. Thanks so much for sharing your finds at my party. I can't wait to see what you share next!