Saturday, April 21, 2012

Birthday Thrift-O-rama! (Part II)

Dan and I went on a Birthday super-duper thrift trip last weekend and the haul was so awesome, I needed two posts to share all the finds.  Without further adieu, welcome to part deux (see what I did there? LOL!)

Well hello darling vintage Serva Snack set by Anchor Hocking!  $7 - for 4 punch cups with matching trays.  The box has the name "Mrs. Knox" written inside the lid.  Thank you Mrs. Knox for keeping your wonderful snack set in such pristine condition and please know it has come to a home where it will be loved! :)
Lookie at this cool thing -

Can't you picture this baby in black....say, like, a glossy "witchy" black??  It looks like a witch's boot to me and one I saw used in an Halloween vignette.  It was painted black and looked so cool and elegant, but try as I might, I couldn't anything like it.  Now here it is!  Yeah, it does have a crack but I'm hoping that once it's painted either you won't see it or maybe it will look like creased, old leather.  Probably wishful thinking but after searching for one a couple years ago, and to no avail, there was no way I could walk away from it.

Now, to avoid a third post for the thrift trip---even though it was a marathon thrift!---I'm going to show the rest of the haul in this next pic:

Wm. Rogers shell silver plate platter, poppy trivet, International Silver silver plate bread plate and candy dish, hobnail milk glass creamer, milk glass with fish scale pattern (and vintage glass Christmas ornaments inside), milk glass trinket basket, egg shell candles, hand-carved wooden cow, German "1/2" cup coffee mug, Home Interiors porcelain dove, vintage (1950s or earlier) Murano Summerso "drip" amber glass vase, antique milk glass cross, hobnail milk glass tumblers, swirled pattern milk glass bowl, mini milk glass candle holders, Avon milk glass vanity jar, Avon milk glass candle holder, English hobnail milk glass ball vase, milk glass urn, Westmoreland quilt patterned footed candy dish, crystal lamp made in Holland, milk glass lamp. 

 The silver plate trays are going to be used in a wall collage (like this one HERE).   The milk glass is a mix of a little of everything, hobnail, English hobnail,  scalloped, quilt - I cannot get enough of it :)  The cross is antique --it's also broken as it was a candle holder --but still it was a $1 and unlike anything I have so it came home with me.  Both lamps work - woohoo! - and the crystal lamp was made in Holland.  I have to find a lamp shade (?) for it but again, the fact is was only $2 landed it in my basket.  Here's another look at the lamps:

The pink glass alone made me want this :)  The metal on the hobnail lamp was gold at one point but it had flaked off in areas and looked pretty messed up.  Dan took the lamp apart for me so I could spray-paint these parts (I used Rustoleum ORB with primer).  100% improvement!  The milk glass lamp is going on the nightstand in one of the guest bedrooms and the crystal lamp will be put in the foyer.  

My final find for the day which makes it possible for me to present my Finale Find - LOL - AND for me, it's quite a doozy!  I have been looking for something like this and there, in the final GW we hit before wrapping it up for the day were these little beauties:

1950's Indiana Glass orange blossom 10 pc. snack set - $20!  Happy Birthday to ME.  Seriously, I couldn't believe my eyes; I saw them from across the room (ok, rack) and it was love at first sight.  Look at those delicate, sweet little blossoms!

Happy Thrifting! <3 Lisa