Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Birthday Thrift-O-rama! (Part I)

Dan and I both have April birthdays so we decided to do a big thrift trip...and it was such a thrift-a-palooza, I will need two posts to share all the awesome!  We had full intentions of checking out an architecture salvage store in Richmond but wanted to start the day with a stop at the GW Outlet.  As it turned out, we ended up deciding to drive out to Orange and hit a couple thrifts.  The day was beautiful and the weather perfect for a scenic ride through the countryside.  Here's how the pickin' went, starting with the outlet finds:

Pricing at the outlet is .59/lb for housewares so all of this was under $2.  I couldn't believe my eyes when I uncovered the 4 milk glass tumblers and 6 spice jars.  They are in perfect condition - no chips or cracks --and this always amazes me considering the housewares stuff is not placed on shelves like at the retail GW.  It is stacked in big cardboard boxes --big as in 5' X 5' and sitting on pallets so they are nearly as tall as me.  There is glass and other stuff all mixed in and you've got to sort through it.  Sometimes stuff is stacked in large carts lined along the wall - either way, you gotta do some digging.  Finding the glassware and extracting it out of the tangle without it chipping, cracking, or breaking is an accomplishment...maybe even a skill?  It's like playing Jenga - ha!

The glass candy ornaments were stowed in the tin (16 total).  Their extraction was a piece of cake as was the the little paper jointed bear (he was just crowd surfing the box so I knew he was a keeper - LOL!)  The glass star, vintage lace, acrylic bottle stopper with "J" monogram, yellow chickie bucket, beaded egg, and mercury glass snowman are fun little scores *but* the salt and pepper boy and girl are a personal fave.  They were huddled in a lidless plastic container and buried under horribly chipped ceramic plates.  They aren't in the best condition but they are 56 years old!  I decided right then and there they were coming home with me.  I'm going to try and fix the letters they're holding.   

Here's a closer look:

After the outlet, I walked over to the retail GW and nabbed these:

3-quart (with lid) and 2 quart Revere Ware saucepans ($6), milk glass compote ($2) and milk glass trinket basket ($1).   The pans are in great condition and match the ones my Mom gave me years ago when I left home.  They were a wedding gift to her and my Dad from my Great Aunt and Uncle (in 1962).   I am thrilled that I now have a complete set.  The next thrift store had this amazing print for $3:

a little closer up:

Beautiful!  I love it.  The colors are perfect for the study and that is a perfect place for such a thought-provoking image.  So, onto the next finds:

lead crystal basket ($2), hand-carved wooden bird ($1), and milk glass goblet ($1).   The little birdie is too cute :)  I put him in a nest and under a cloche on my mantel!  I was excited to find the goblet; I have one and now it has a partner - LOL.  The crystal basket is from Teleflora --see they have the most adorable things!  This sits in my powder room for now...I'm not sure what made me put it in there other than I thought the room needed a little bling.  ; )

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Happy Thrifting!  <3 Lisa


  1. Hi Lisa!! Wow, you did find some FAB finds. I love that print. It is so cool. TFS!

  2. Wow, did you ever have a great thrifting day! You were truly on a roll with good luck. It made me sad to remember we used to have a GW clearance place near us where I got some wonderful stuff then a few years ago it abruptly closed and was re-opened about a million miles from us.

  3. Oh what great things you picked up! Love all the milk glass you got and the candy ornaments (i think) are great. Are they glass?

    1. Oops i forgot, and thanks for linking up at Cap Creations!

    2. Thanks! Yes the candy pieces are glass!! I couldn't believe it; they look like mercury glass (the centers) and the "wrappers" are glass. I just love 'em! :)