Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Craft Room Updates

In 2014, the craft room got a makeover (HERE).  Over the last couple years, the craft supplies have been moved back in and I have been working at furnishing and decorating the room.  The door was upgraded to a glass door.  The cute monogram came from Simply Sierra Studio from Etsy.

The biggest update is the translucent blue glass desk:

I've had my heart set on it since I pinned it two years ago.  It's taken this long for it to go on sale :) Totally worth the wait - my oh my, it's gorgeous!

The shelving in the closet continues to be a work in progress.  It houses my go-to craft supplies and since it's right behind me, I can grab what I need off the shelf, use it, and put it right back.  It's very functional but I am still working on rearranging and organizing things.

The Expedit shelving is for Cricut cartridges, other craft tools, and cardstock.

Have a great week!

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