Tuesday, December 15, 2015


This year, for the first time ever, I hosted Thanksgiving for my parents!  My sister came too and it was a charmed week.  I felt so blessed to have us all here and I loved hearing the sounds of all of us talking and laughing within the walls of my house!  It was important to me that my Mom and Dad got a vacation.   I wanted specifically for my Mom not to think about meals--actually--NOTHING to do with the kitchen or housework!  She was a stay-at-home Mom and managed taking care of my sister and I who are only 1 year apart and keeping a spotless home, plus put 3 meals on the table each day.  I work outside the home and I marvel at that.  Someday, I will retire from my work duties but when does my Mom get to retire?  She just laughs at me when I say that to her (with notable horror in my voice - ha ha).  My Dad has only just retired.  He has worked since he was 16.  When he and my Mom had us, he was the sole financial provider for our family of four.  We didn't want for anything.  My sister and I often talk about the wonderful, stable childhood we had.  We realize how rare that is and how blessed we are.  I feel even more blessed that my daughter gets to have them as her grandparents. 

I have a few pictures of the Thanksgiving table.  I loved the more neutral centerpiece of white pumpkins and cream, green and brown hydrangea.  The tableware is a combination of Grammie's china and my china.  The goblets were thrift finds (that post here) and are Indiana Glass in their Nouveau pattern (1968).  The flatware came from eBay - $9! almost as good as thrifting!  The copper footed bowls were a thrift find from this year as are the place card holders. The napkins are from Crate and Barrel, the centerpiece and chargers are from Joss and Main.

The glass pumpkins are from Pier 1.  I had them out for Halloween also.  The glass candlesticks were thrifted a year or two ago.  

Oh and I just remembered as I looked through these pictures that I haven't shared my new buffet!  I found it at Bthrifty on 50% off day.  I paid $80 for this baby:

Bob Timberlake Lexington Furniture cherry wood TV media cabinet but I'm using it as a buffet because it matches my table perfectly!  Here it is dressed for Thanksgiving:

Speaking of thrift finds on 50% off days, I took my parents to Bthrifty on black Friday.  I really wanted to go thrifting with them and when I heard my favorite thrift store would be 60% off the day after Thanksgiving we made the plan.  I found a couple small things but this was the find of the day for me:

It is an authentic fox fur coat.  The pictures are terrible --the fur is white with champagne-colored chevrons - it is absolutely GORGEOUS.  It has a monogram:

and a furrier label:

As it turns out, this is one of the best finds I've come across to date.  It's worth way more than the $60 I paid for it.  I am having it re-worked into a throw blanket.  The monogram and label will be incorporated into the blanket lining.  Apparently, reworking vintage fur is quite common.  There are all different options besides wearable ones --teddy bears, pillows, etc.  You can also have the fur coat's style updated or turned into trim for hats, gloves, even raincoat linings.  I've seen plenty furs at the thrift stores but none as gorgeous or well-maintained as this one.  I cannot wait to get it back!  I'll be sure to share it once I do.  

The week after Thanksgiving, Mom was going to go to a baby shower.  Since I don't get to craft for her often, I built her a diaper cake.  We had to pack it in layers so she could get it home and here it is back home after she put it back together.  She did a lovely job!  I just love the leopard print!!

It was nice to relive my wonderful Thanksgiving!  Now it's the Christmas crunch with it being only a week away!  At least I'll have a few days off to try and get some posts done on the great thrift finds from this year.

Have a great rest of the week!

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