Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Christmas BEFORE Thanksgiving...tsk tsk tsk!

Hello All.

I am breaking a personal code.  I do not like to see Christmas stuff in stores across the aisle from Halloween stuff.  I do not like to hear Christmas carols and see Christmas commercials the second Halloween is over.  Poor Thanksgiving, it totally gets skipped over.  I love Thanksgiving.  It is supposed to be a day of reflection and appreciation.  Sadly, it's treated as a gateway holiday to the Christmas season.  Because of this, I don't do anything Christmas-related until after Thanksgiving.  In my house, Thanksgiving gets the attention it deserves!  Ahem, well, until this year...

because I found this at the thrift store on Friday night for $15

It's 7.5' tall, pre-lit, and has iridescent tinsel woven into the branches -

I was already excited about decorating a white Christmas tree because I found this one last year on New Year's Eve -

...and it's still exciting to find the right decorations for this little one.

This one is going to be fun too :)

No, your eyes do not deceive you, those are Christmas ornaments on the coffee table.  I bought Christmas ornaments on Saturday...I'm outta control

Ok, in an attempt to redeem myself, the tree isn't officially "put up." It is only up because it needed to be cleaned and Dan was checking the lights.  It was crammed into a box much too little.  The box needed to be put out for the trash and since the tree needed some TLC, it was assembled in the family room so we could work on it and watch our shows!    I haven't decided where it's going to be "officially" displayed yet but since the decorations match the theme of Jenna's cookie swap this year, it may well end up in the kitchen :)  I will still put up our other other trees too.  That makes a total of 3.5 Christmas trees.  How many do you put up?

Have a great week!

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