Monday, October 27, 2014

More Witchy Decorations

Hello All,

October is whooshing by!  The mantel in the family room got the "witchy" treatment too!

I used most of these decorations last year but this year, it was all about the potion bottles.

I thrifted most of the stuff shown --the only things that weren't are the tall(er) purple glass votive holders, the spiders jar, and the green, purple, and orange bottles. 

The small, purple bottles to the right of the toad are old bitters bottles and are in the shape of a ball and claw.  The clear glass bottle next to them is so stinkin' cool - it's an old (1940s-ish) Fly Ded insecticide bottle!  It actually has "Fly Ded" embossed on the bottle. 

I don't know anything about the iron candle holder but I really love it; I wish I had a pair of them!  The attached witch hat-shaped snuffer is so cool.

I put green lights behind everything on the mantel and then light the votives in the purple holders and it makes such a lovely glow!

Are you ready for Friday?!

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