Tuesday, December 10, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like...


Hello All!

I'm sure that gets a little old but it seemed appropriate since Northern Virginia is seeing some wintry weather. The ice is not my cup of tea but the snow is a welcomed sight .  I'm originally from the midwest so seeing that fluffy white stuff falling lifts my spirits!  I am also in full-on Christmas decorating mode since Jenna's cookie swap party is a little over a week away with Christmas right on its heels!  While I'm making my way through the house, I realized I have a couple of great thrift finds I hadn't shared with you yet!  I'm not quite finished with the Christmas decorating but was planning to share with you all once it's done...and look what I found out about today:

Linda from Coastal Charm will be hosting a Christmas Home Tour Linky Party next week, December 16, 2013!!!  Woo Hoo.  So, now I not only have the motivation needed to keep going and finish up, I get the chance to see how you all have been decorating!  It's so inspiring to me to see all different ideas, styles and themes, etc., out there.  Don't forget to mark your calendar!

Ok, so, on with the thrift finds!

I was browsing through B-thrifty, minding my own business, when I happened upon this:

Folks, these are the actual photos I sent to Dan to see if he was thinking what I was thinking (~soon to be the property of the Jacksons~) and he was (*smooches*)!  $80 and this thing is solid wood.  It's also huge = 3' x 6'!   I went directly to the furniture pick up area and an extremely nice associate helped me pull it off the floor for pick up.  I had to laugh because he asked me if it was a bed.  This thing is so huge, it totally could be (don't give me any ideas...)  Ha!

We had a small square coffee table that wasn't solid wood.   Sadly, we paid far more for it than this behemoth.  This was an upgrade for all all the way around.  The piece had a tag on the bottom that said "Poor Richard Wood Coffee Table" and was sporting a price tag of $650.  There was also what looked like a barcode but it was missing barcode numbers.  I was hoping by using one of those barcode apps, I would be able to find out where this came from, but none of the apps came through.  Most asked for the barcode number to be entered and a couple said the information was no longer available.

Anyway, here it is at home:

Our square table was donated to Goodwill and we moved ol' Richard in.  It needed a good cleaning and in time, I will paint the bottom something else (something in the Annie Sloan chalk paint realm) as soon as I figured out what color.

Do you see the chaise lounge in the background there?  That's the second thrifty find!  $35.  It's microfiber and was a dream to clean (and Febreze).  It didn't have any feet, though it did at one time, so I replaced them which cost about $30.

Not bad for $65, right?  Oooooo, and you get a little sneak peak at my Christmas decorations.  Come back next week and I'll take you on a tour :)  !!!

I'm linking up!

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Have a good week!

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