Saturday, November 2, 2013

Ghost Tour!

Hello All!

Dan, Jenna and I took a carriage ride through Fredericksburg last night called the "Witches, Ghosts, Thieves, Murder and Mayhem Tour."  It was a lot of fun and we got to hear some spooky and creepy ghost tales!  We wanted to do something different for Halloween and this sounded like just the thing.

It all starts here:

Our tour began at 6 p.m. so I was able to get some pics before dark :)  I loved walking along the streets looking at the historic buildings and signs of Halloween!

Check out this window display!  I wished we had come into town sooner so we could have window shopped.  

There were pumpkins on every stoop:

and some in unexpected places too!

We grabbed a bite to eat at Soup & Taco.  Jenna and Dan were quite ready to eat so they ducked into the doorway as I snapped the picture.  The gentleman standing by the light post didn't mind the photo op and busted out the zombie walk!  

The food was delicious!
Then, it was time to wait at the stop:

The small white sign told us it was the carriage stop.  And not long after, our carriage arrived!

I had taken this picture before the tour and while we were waiting:

As it turned out, the tour began by telling the ghost stories of this house!  It is reportedly haunted by the spirits of children who died here of scarlet fever.  As we continued to stroll down the street, the historian began describing the horrors of the Civil War and the thousands of soldiers who died.  

I can see why people freak out about orbs showing up in pictures!  As the historian described the stacks of bodies lining the streets, I was snapping pics left and right.  Later when I looked at the pic and I saw all these orbs, it made it easy to imagine all those spirits!  I know, I know orbs are just the reflection of light off dust or pollen, or whatever, and yes, there were lights everywhere--street lamps, headlights, the flash on my camera...but still, it's kinda creepy :)

Sammy T's has some wonderful ghost stories!

I am bummed my pics didn't turn out better!  The historic buildings and  homes were awesome and some were decorated to the hilt!  

This is the Hugh Mercer apothecary shop.  It's a museum and offers tours also and I definitely want to check it out.

This is also a shot of the apothecary - check out the giant orb and the strange mist (right hand corner just under the carriage canopy!):

Spooky!  LOL!  It was a really fun and festive way to celebrate Halloween and now, I want to do it every year!  

Happy Belated Halloween :) 


  1. Excellent photos and thanks for sharing your spooky night! Fredericksburg looks beautiful; I'm going to check the town out on Google. :)

  2. Lisa, you've convinced me to put this on our list for next year. We live 2 hours from Fredercksburg and love to visit for an overnight stay. Your photos are all the spooky orbs!

    1. Pam I am so happy that you've decided to give this tour a try! I was so enchanted with the town, Dan and I are going to start exploring it on the weekends. There is so much history and I am ready to take it all in! You may be interested in Chatham Manor, Kenmore Inn, and you can also walk through the Hugh Mercer Apothecary!

  3. What an awesome tour! This would be right up my alley. Just poppin' in to say "hi" and see what your are working on!