Sunday, August 30, 2015

An Officer and A Gentleman

Hello All! 

My goodness where has the summer gone?  I'm really a fall kinda gal but it's crazy how fast time moves.  My sister and my niece came for a visit mid-August and it was such good medicine!  We thrifted and talked and laughed and shopped.  Good times!  I have some great thrift finds to share but I'll get to that.  Dan and I have been working on the guest bedroom (which used to be Jenna's room when she was growing up).   While we are still working on some the design elements, I wanted to show you the old buffet that got a make over for in there.  You may recall it from the post I did about our master bedroom makeover.  It's the big ol' elephant in any room!  Yeah,  and that's what I love about it.

It's old and has seen better days.  It does seem to me that it was well-loved at some point in some one's life.   Maybe a niece inherited it from her dear old auntie and tried to replace parts of it in an effort to repair it?  Unfortunately, by the time I found it, it needed even more repairs.  I don't have the know-how or talent to pull it off and it is too costly to pay someone to do it.  At the end of the day, I wasn't restoring a family heirloom or an historically significant piece.I paid $35 for it at Salvo.  Still, I do love it and want it to be useful and used.  I wanted it to look stately and respectable.  The colors for the room are tan, navy blue and white.

This was my first try:

Pretty but more royal blue than navy.  It's Ralph Lauren, Great Harbor (...the Sherwin Williams wall color, banana cream, didn't make the cut either!).  I gave Sherwin Williams, Commodore, a try:

Closer, but still not what I wanted.  The new wall paint is SW Toque White.
Then, surprisingly, I found the right color at WalMart aptly named, "official uniform blue."
And with it's rose gold pulls that look like brass medals on dress blues, I present to you my officer and a gentleman of a buffet:

The original pulls were custom made and not a standard size.  I hoped they were brass.  No such luck. I opted to keep it though because new hardware meant a lot of patching and drilling, hardware is pricey!  As it turned out, a good cleaning and new paint (Rustoleum Rose Gold) was the right choice:


This mirror is a thrift find from a couple years ago.  I haven't been sure where to hang until now!  Once the room is finished, it will hang above the buffet.

I will put the doors back on, just not yet.  The bigger vision for this room includes built-in shelving so while I wait for that, I'm enjoying displaying some of my favorite blue and white and milk glass thrift finds.

The blue and white ginger jar was a find at B-thrifty.  It was actually made into a lamp that I disassembled and found a pretty blue and white ceramic knob for the lid.

I can't wait until the room is all done!  

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