Monday, May 26, 2014

Birthday Thrifting

Hello All!

I went thrifting last month on my birthday and it felt like a surprise birthday party just for me --look at the wonderful "gifts" I got found:

First up, this splendid cut glass box with working lock...

...and adorbs tiny key!

It was $9 but it was 50% off day (Happy Birthday to me, indeed!) so I paid $4.50.  I {heart} anything ocean/beach/aquatic-related so this rattan-wrapped wire sea horse is a delight ($1.50).

As is this tiny silver plate whale ($2):

When I thrift, I have my go-to areas--glassware and housewares first, always.  Then I check out lamps and furniture.  Usually, I spend so much time in these sections that by the time I finish, Dan has finished looking in his go-to sections and we leave.  This time, I ended up with extra time so I decided to spend it looking through the architectural section of the thrift store.  It hadn't been anything special the few times I'd checked it out before.  But now, I am now going to be sure to check it more often because of this:

A swoon-worthy Eastlake Victorian mirror:

(just a little side note--those faux hydrangeas came from Ikea!  They were a great price and are really beautiful.)  The cast iron bunny was a gift from Dan for Christmas. 

I think it's exquisite :) It was $30.  And finally, the big gift of the day -

Hazel Atlas Pink Crinoline luncheon set --almost complete!-- 6 luncheon plates, 7 saucers, 6 teacups (one with a beaded handle!) and 2 (HTF) berry bowls.  It is in lovely condition.  I really could not believe my eyes to see first--all this pink gorgeousness just sitting on the shelf and second--the incredibly low price.  I thought for sure it would be maybe $40 or $50 because these sets go for double that on eBay.  The cost was $19.90!  CRAZY and AwEsOmE :)

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  1. I love everything you found! I don't know if my favorite is that little whale or the pink dishes. Happy Birthday, indeed!

  2. Great finds...the luncheon set is my favorite, second is the mirror!
    Have a wonderful week.

  3. Ha those are the only sections I visit! I love that darling box and your other smalls.

    Happy belated and thank you for helping me id my glass!