Sunday, February 23, 2014

My Craft Room - Before

Hello All!

I mentioned back in October, I would be re-doing my craft room.  Nothing much happened before or after Christmas besides putting together a Pinterest board of ideas.  Finally, we have started making some progress and since I had "before" pics I thought I'd share them.  I don't have any before before pictures --you know, the ones with all the builder beige walls and boob lights.  I claimed this room as mine the day we moved in and, three years later over one long weekend in January 2008, Dan and I created the room you see below.

I picked the smallest of the bedrooms and one in the front of the house with the most windows.  I LOVE LIGHT --the more the better; it's hugely motivating and great for crafting.  Our house faces east so we get full sun in the mornings.

The inspiration for this room came from a scrapbook kit from Michael's in which the theme was poppies.  I started out with painting half the room "Moss" (Laura Ashley for Valspar) and the remaining walls and ceiling white.

We gutted the closet, removed the doors, but left the brackets in case we convert the craft room back into a bedroom.  I did this so we could fit two more shelving units in the room.

 Dan edges for me when we paint.  I like to roll, roll, roll.  The edging is far too tedious and he's far more patient!   Once the painting was done, I added the wall decals (found online).

Poppies!  These wall decals are really wonderful.  They are the kind that peel off and stick on and are repositional/removable.  I can vouch for them that they do in fact stick and peel off and can be removed and repositioned; they have been up since 2008 and I haven't had one problem with them.

Once the decals were in place, it was time to start furnishing the room.  Here are the shelves; I was so happy they fit so well.

This one is is behind my desk.

More organizers - the one on the wall came from Michaels and the shelf from Ikea.

I loved the curtains when they were first up, but now I think they would look so much prettier if they hung down to the floor.

The computer desk.  I swapped out the small flat screen for a larger one and now there is a shelf above the bulletin boards.  I was able find a small shelf for the printer so the small end table is now in the sun room.

So that's the way it looked when we started the makeover--I cannot wait to show you what it looks like now!

Have a great week!

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