Thursday, July 11, 2013

Antique Hexagon Cabinet and Other Amazing Finds!

Hello All!

Yikes!!!  July is here and I am just getting around to posting for June!  Here's what I've been up to :)

My sis called and asked if I could get a diaper cake together for a jungle-themed baby shower for a friend of hers but I would have to hustle because I'd have to have it finished within a couple days and it would have to be mailed.  After a moment's panic, I got to it.  This is what I came up with:

Since I was going to ship it to Shell and she would be putting it back together before the shower, I wanted to make it as easy an assembly as possible.  I snapped this pic to help her get an idea of what she could do with the decorations and baby items.  Unfortunately, she didn't get a pic of it at the shower.

It's amazing how great thrifting is this time of year.  I have heard seasoned thrifters say these months make for fuller hunting grounds and since this summer marks a year I've been going regularly, I'm totally getting what you have been saying!  I have come across some wonderful treasures.  Case in point; this antique hexagon cabinet:

Oh my word.  Isn't it awesome!?  So, this is how she looked when I happened across her and because she was also sporting a price tag of $199, I would have to hold out for a discount day to buy it.  Even though 30% off Thursday was just around the corner, I was fighting myself to not just bring it home with me.  I mean, c'mon, who wouldn't fall for those sexy angles and awesome bun feet? ;).  Amazingly, no one did and even more amazing, I held out.  I waited for discount day and ended up paying even less than 50% off!  Here she is, at home:

*SWOON*  The shabby-chicness you see is all her.  I like hand distressed furniture but must admit, there is something about age-induced shabby that cannot be imitated.  Those bun feet do me in.  She stands at 6.5' tall and is 31" wide.  Unfortunately, it was locked and there was no key included.  It takes a skeleton key so our hopes were high that we'd have one that fit it but alas, no luck.  Dan ended up removing one of the panes of glass and removed the whole mechanism.  We're still holding out hope to find a key that will fit.

I dug these out of a bin at the GW outlet.  They are marked Derby SP Company and are Dutch Repousse silver plate candlesticks.  Beautiful. 

The detail is incredible:

And although I think the musicians are a tad creepy, I can totally appreciate the detail in them as well:

This piece was on my thrift bucket list:

Well, not specifically a pitcher but rather the pattern!  It's Heisey glass "Ipswich."  I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it sitting on the shelf at Salvo.  It was $10.

This guy came from B-Thrifty.  It's concrete and was painted --badly--particularly the eyes!  So, I gave it a couple coats of spray paint:

I love him!  When I first brought it in, and before a new coat of paint, I sat him down in the family room (where he is in the pic) and our cat Sushi was totally spooked by him!  I'm telling you, it was the crazy eyes Mr. Hoots had before the makeover - LOL!  Sushi would creep by him, all stealthy like, and then peek around the sofa at it and then arch his back and crouch and stalk him - totally hilarious!  Once, he finally got the nerve up to swat at him and then he took off running for his life.  It was incredibly entertaining!  But, he and the owl must have made a truce somewhere along the line because now they're totally cool:

The owl and the pussycat :) 

So, Shell loves hearts so back at the beginning of May I found this sweet little dish:

Simple and pretty AND it had a little opalescence going on.  I gave it to Shelly.  Then lo and behold, just last week, I found this:

Now we both have little heart dishes!  Very cool.

My final share is this:

Thrift stores don't sell pets...unless they're really awesome toys!

It's a Takara Breezy Singer Parakeet and I got him for 50 cents.  He works perfectly; he was just missing his little stand.  He tweets, moves his head and his tail feathers - I adore it!  I have been wanting a parakeet but with two cats in the house, it's not the best idea so this is a perfect fit!

Lily hasn't figured him out just yet - LOL!

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  3. Your diaper cake is awesome!!!
    Great finds!

  4. Oh my, that cabinet is drop dead gorgeous!

    And your cake? Makes you look like Queen of the Jungle. Fabulous! You are very talented.

    Thanks for sharing. Susan

  5. Your candlesticks are so pretty!! And, the parakeet, he looks about ready to sing at any moment!

  6. I am so thrilled for you! That cabinet is gorgeous! I am very taken with that cute, but it might drive my kitty crazier then he already is. Thanks for joining us at TTF this week.


  7. I wanted to let you know that you are one of my features for TTF this week!


  8. I LOVE the owl and display case. Oh, and the kitty of course! :D