Sunday, November 6, 2011

Paper People!

Sally Grosart from Wee Paper  creates the most wonderful paper people -- Ellen, characters from Pretty in Pink, Say Anything, Wilfred, and New Girl, just to name a few --and they are available to download for free!!  I think they are AwEsOmE!  When I saw Sally's zombies I knew I had to have paper people of Dan and I AND then have paper Dan and Lisa zombiefied.  I emailed her our photos and for about $15 (a set) she created us!!  She first made our likenesses as "normal" paper people and then created us again as ZOMBIES!  So stinkin cool! :)  And, I received both sets via email to download in a pdf format so I can make as many sets of "us" as I want.  I printed them on a heavy cardstock, cut out the pieces, and assembled them.  They are easy to put together but if you get hung up, there are instructions available on Sally's website.  My paper people were a Halloween surprise for Dan so I set them up on our coffee table so he would see them before we left for work Halloween morning.  He loved them!  He took them with him and

now they reside in his office.  I made a set for myself and they hang out in my craft room :)  I am going to make another set for our TV room.  Dan and I are big zombie fans.  A few years ago (at a Horrorfind weekend convention) I met George Romero and he signed my
Night of the Living Dead movie poster.  So you see, I *have* to have our paper zombie selves along with my zombie memorabilia! LOL!

Happy Crafting <3 Lisa

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  1. Wowzers, this is just too cool:0) Both zombies and non zombies are wonderful. Love the idea, you are so creative and adventurous..